The Other Explanation for Those Embarrassing Red Bumps

Maybe it wasn't your last hookup. Maybe it was bedbugs.

According to an annual survey released by Orkin yesterday, Seattle jumped 14 places in 2012 to become the 13th bed-buggiest metropolitan area in the country. The survey also included Tacoma, so that probably didn't help our standings.

Like an STD the whole body can enjoy, bedbugs leave small red sores across your body as they feast on you at night.

In light of the news, we'd recommend:

- Resisting the temptation to grab free mattresses from the side of the highway.

- Running a vacuum over your bed before going to bed every night. Call it "bed flossing."

- Look on the bright side and start contracting embarrassing STDs. Because there's always the bedbugs to blame.

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