Spokane the Butt of Our Jokes Again

It's been some time since Spokane was the butt of Washington's jokes.

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But the Lilac City is back in its rightful place this week as its boys in blue put out an all points bulletin yesterday for a man who tried to break into a house with his pants around his knees.

Note that this was not some helpless fool who can't afford clothing to stave off the brisk, Inland Northwest air. He's bundled up in a hat and coat.

The circumstances of the full-moon malfeasance is yet unknown. We here at the Seattle Weekly speculated that folks over there are just getting goofy now that their tequila meth -- or as they call it in Spokane, their morning cup of Joe -- was seized in Seattle. Or that with respected members of the community baring it all, the rest of the town has decided to follow suit.

Police are calling him a sex predator, which is both less funny than our speculation and probably more likely.

The good news is that this time of year, a Spokanite's ass downright glows in the dark, providing the camera a well-lit view of the crook's crack. Plus, since it's mighty snowy over there, footprints helped police determine that the man had approached 15 to 20 other homes, the Spokesman-Review reports.

So without further ado: Do you recognize this rectum?

Spokane Police Department, via the venerable Spokesman-Review

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