Police Find Car Full of Cash, Guns and Fake Badge in Wanted Burglar Arrest

This is the actual badge
Halloween is long over, but apparently fake police badges and body armor are still on the loose.

After spotting a wanted felon driving around north Seattle, SPD Anti-Crime Team officers pulled over the 48-year-old man, who is wanted for a burglary warrant on January 7, according to the SPD Blotter.

Following the arrest, police officers discovered the wanted burglar had a suspended license and was driving a car that belonged to someone else. The registered owner had apparently put the car up for sale and loaned it to the wanted felon for a test drive.

After receiving permission from the vehicle's owner, the police found another little surprise-- a car full of guns, a fake badge, body armor emblazoned with the word "sheriff" and $10,000 in cash. Although police have yet to link the 48-year-old man to cases of police impersonation, it doesn't seem like the suspect was up to much good.

At the King County Jail, police found 6 grams of suspected heroin and 4 grams of suspected methamphetamine in the man's underwear.

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