The Pierce County Prosecutor's Office says 37-year-old Meko Jones, described in court documents as "on a long term drug binge," kidnapped and shot the mother


Man Charged in Pierce County with Kidnapping and Shooting the Mother of His Child

The Pierce County Prosecutor's Office says 37-year-old Meko Jones, described in court documents as "on a long term drug binge," kidnapped and shot the mother of his child last Friday - a crime that resulted in formal charges of assault, kidnapping, robbery, unlawful possession of a firearm and attempting to elude a pursuing police vehicle being levied against him Monday.

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Because of a previous conviction for first-degree arson, Jones is barred from possessing firearms. Now, if Pierce County Prosecutors have their way, the arson conviction wont be the only serious mark on Jones' rap sheet.

According to court documents filed in the case, Jones' 27-year-old victim - the mother of his child - arrived at a local community college for class Friday only to Jones waiting for her. Police say the situation escalated when Jones took the woman back to her car while pointing a gun at her.

According to prosecutors, at some point during the altercation the victim attempted to grab the gun by its barrel - prompting Jones to shoot the woman in her stomach and then force her inside the vehicle. Once inside , Jones allegedly fired another round at the victim's head - which she was luckily able to duck.

As if that wasn't enough, prosecutors say Jones then took his victim to his mother's house where he held her at gunpoint for hours - threatening to shoot her, her family and their child through the entire ordeal. Being the nice guy that he is, however, prosecutors say Jones did offer the woman pain medication for the gunshot wound he'd inflicted on her.

Eventually, according to prosecutors, Jones forced the victim to drive to a nearby ATM and instructed her to withdraw cash - some of which he made off with.

Here's how charging documents describe the alleged crime:

On January 4, 2013, police responded to St Joseph's Hospital regarding a shooting. Upon arrival, they contacted [victim] in the emergency room. She had a gunshot wound to the stomach and reported the following: The defendant is the father of her child. She had kept the child away from him because he had been on a long term drug binge. On the date of offense, [victim] went to school where the defendant confronted her with a revolver. He took her to her car and pointed the gun at her stomach. [Victim] tried to grab the gun by the barrel, but the defendant discharged the gun which hit her in the stomach. The defendant made her get into her own car and shot the gun at her head. She ducked and the bullet went pass her breaking her car window. The defendant made [victim] drive to his mother's home. Upon arrival at his mother's home, the defendant held [victim] there at gunpoint for hours. [Victim] complained of stomach pain due to the gunshot wound. The defendant gave her a pain pill to ease her pain. He told her several times he was going to kill her, her family and their child. [Victim] told him she felt better and he demanded her debit card and pin code at gunpoint. She gave it to him and he had her drive him to an ATM machine. While there, the defendant withdrew money and gave some to [victim]. She went to the hospital for her gunshot wound. The defendant again threatened to kill her, her family and their child if she told what happened. [Victim] described the gun as a Colt .32 revolver.

[The victim's] sister arrived at the hospital and reported that the defendant gave her a ride there. Other police units saw the defendant driving in the area of S 19th Street. Police activated their lights/sirens. The defendant did not stop and traveled at a high rate of sped. He briefly lost control of his car which jumped the curb on the corner of S 17th Street and S Fife Street. His car ran across a planting strip and struck the fence on the north side of 1702 S Fife Street. The defendant got out of his car jumped a fence. He attempted to jump another fence, but was apprehended. He was advised of his Miranda rights. His wallet was located in the backyard of 1706 S Fife Street.

Jones was arraigned Monday, with bail set at $500,000.

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