Man Struck By Bus Walks, Head Bleeding, Into a Downtown Starbucks and Orders a Tall Drip

UPDATE: According to Seattle Police, the Metro bus driver who struck the pedestrian at the corner of Third and Stewart early this morning may have been under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The driver was arrested and a blood draw was taken. Seattle police detectives are now investigating.

Original report:

Sometimes you just gotta have that morning cup of Joe, and nothing, not even an unfortunate encounter with a Metro bus that leaves you with a head bleeding like a stuck pig is gonna stop you.

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At around 7:30 this morning, a man came staggering into the Starbucks at 4th and Pine. He'd just been hit by a bus and his head was bleeding profusely. Fortunately, he had a enough sense to order a tall drip and not squander his money on an over-priced double tall vanilla latte.

"He seemed a little confused," recounts shift supervisor Tony Farrell. "He was bleeding quite a lot, and it took a fair amount of time to clean things up after he was taken away by paramedics. At least he was talking. That's a good sign."

Kyle Moore, with the Seattle Fire Department, told KIRO Radio that the bus-battered gent was a well-dressed 32-year-old who appeared to have suffered a concussion.

The man was taken to Harborview Medical Center.

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