Legal Weed States Producing Near Perfect Football

Does legal marijuana produce great football?

The sample size may yet be too small to say for sure, but early indications are yes.

As first pointed out by a poster on the image-sharing site, the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos are a combined 15-1 since voters in Washington and Colorado voted to legalize cannabis.

For the Seahawks, the first match-up after Election Day on Nov. 6 came against the feckless Jets, who they beat 27-8. For the Broncos, it was against the un-mightly Carolina Panthers.

Since that week, the only loss either team has suffered against the Miami Dolphins, whom the Hawks lost to in Miami the week after they played the Jets. Since then, both teams have been perfect.

It should be noted that the NFL bars players from taking a toke.

But it also should be noted that Georgia, home of the Atlanta Falcons, has a terrible record on marijuana policy. It requires drug testing for welfare recipients and ranks 15th in states with the highest rate of marijuana arrests.

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