Good Golly, Miss Molly: Kevin Calabro Quits Radio Job At KIRO's ESPN 710 -- And It Happened Four Months Ago

Sources tell The Daily Weekly that broadcaster Kevin Calabro quit his afternoon sports talk show -- The Kevin Calabro Show on ESPN 710 Seattle -- four months ago, but that station management, for whatever reason, has tried to keep his departure under wraps.

Even though he's long gone, Calabro's name remains on the station's website and program lineup, and co-host Jim ("The Go 2 Guy") Moore as well as other on-air personalities at KIRO Radio still refer to the 3 to 7 p.m. broadcast as The Kevin Calabro Show.

Sources say Calabro was unhappy at the station and has wanted out for some time -- that his heart wasn't in doing the show.

Program director Brian Long this morning acknowledged that it has been quite a while since Calabro was on the talk show, but said the veteran broadcaster did not quit. "He is still a part of the station, but his role has been reduced because of all the work he's doing for the Pac-12 [Network) and ESPN," Long said.

"We're just trying to figure out a new role for him," Long added.

Calabro, 56, is best known to Seattle sports fans as the legendary play-by-play man for the Sonics, a gig he began in 1987 and continued right up until the team left for Oklahoma City following the 2007-08 season.

Without Calabro in the house, Jim Moore has had to rely on guest hosts such as Danny O'Neil and Dave Wyman
A gifted wordsmith, the golden-tongued Calabro entertained fans on TV and radio simulcasts with an assortment of colorful expressions, which famously included, "Good golly, Miss Molly!", "Let's get on a magic carpet ride!," "Get on up for the down stroke!," and "Two in the cake, and one in the puddin'!"

In an interview with The Seattle Times last June, Calabro spoke of his reasons for not following the team to Oklahoma and resuming his role as the Thunder's primary announcer, as he was invited to do by the new owners.

Calabro told The Times his decision was more nuanced than a simple "Hell no, I won't go."

Family was a key factor, said the father of four children, now 16 to 27.

"They were at a real crucial point in their lives and my feeling was I just couldn't lift everybody up and transport them to a city we had never been to, where we didn't have any acquaintances," he said. "I looked at it from a family standpoint and thought, 'That's not going to be healthy.' "

A nine-time winner of the Washington Sportscaster of the Year award, Calabro continues his NBA work with ESPN as well as calling college basketball games on the Pac-12 Network.

If in fact the Sonics do return to Seattle, which is looking like a done deal, it's a pretty good bet that Calabro will be back calling the action again -- and that might be the best news of all.

Or as Calabro would say, "Nobody can do the voodoo like you doo!"

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