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Interesting things happen at motel rooms in Fife . And, according to Fife Police and the Pierce County Prosecutor's Office, Jan. 13 brought one of


Oh Mandy! Husband and Wife Team Accused of Using Backpage to Lure and Rob Soldier - Who Fled Hotel Room Naked

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Interesting things happen at motel rooms in Fife. And, according to Fife Police and the Pierce County Prosecutor's Office, Jan. 13 brought one of those interesting occurrences.

According to the determination of probable cause filed against Floyd Hutchins and his wife Michelle Hutchins in Pierce County court this week, the couple employed a criminal MO that involved placing ads for a "masseuse" named Mandy under the "Body Rub" section of the website For at least one sex-hungry John, the service delivered left him sprinting naked for the door.

To be more specific, during a recent encounter with a just-returned soldier at the EconoLodge in Fife, prosecutors say Floyd Hutchins stormed the room after his wife - the lustfully advertised masseuse "Mandy" - had worked the G.I. down to his birthday suit. Fife police say Floyd used a key card to enter the room, and then grabbed a hammer once he was inside and started waving it wildly, shouting "So now your fucking this guy?" The scare was apparently so severe that the soldier fled room 130 without any clothes - despite the fact he'd already forked over $100 for his "massage .

He was found by responding police angry, wearing nothing only a towel.

Though the soldier originally told police he knew the woman prior to his recent deployment, prosecutors say eventually he copped to arranging the money-for-sex transaction online. Some of his clothes were found in the room - which had been rented by a friend of Floyd and Michelle Hutchins - and some were found in a trash can. The soldier was charged with patronizing a prostitute and patronizing by computer means.

Armed with the soldier's account of what had transpired, two days later police say they were able to track down "Mandy" the masseuse via Backpage, arrange a meeting at a the Day's Inn in Fife, and subsequently arrest both Floyd and Michelle Hutchins without incident. Much like the story told by the soldier two days prior, Floyd was apprehended heading toward the hotel room where his wife had rendezvoused with what turned out to be a team of police officers. According to prosecutors he was found carrying a large sliver "folding knife" and a black knit stocking cap with eye holes cut in in.

Prosecutors say Floyd Hutchins - who was recognized by Fife police at the time of his arrest from a ad in the "Domination & Fetish" section - eventually admitted that he was present at the EconoLodge two days earlier, and that he and his wife had solicited sex for money on the Internet. He denied grabbing a hammer, and Michelle Hutchins maintains she never sold sex for money, claiming instead to be a falsely accused masseuse.

Find the determination of probable caused filed against Floyd and Michelle Hutchins on the following page ...

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