Comments of the Day: What Marijuana Shouldn't Be Used For

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When we shared on Facebook Ellis Conklin's short and sweet post about one Miss America contestant's take on marijuana policy, it didn't take long for our wonderful readers to take it away.

In case you missed it, Miss Iowa Mariah Cary stated unequivocally that she believes that marijuana use is only OK for two reasons: recreation and medicine.

So, what isn't marijuana OK for?

"It's bad if used for witch craft," wrote Elena Naskova. "We witches know what she's talking about. No good to use it for cooking evil potions."

James Coats said there's an unreported atrocity going on with pot use: "There's that third horribly expensive marijuana use that nobody ever has the guts to talk about: as costume jewelry."

"I tried to make a mattress out of it," said Deborah Kilgore, "but it was expensive and pokey."

And Julie Deadmond McNutt with the put away: "Or maybe as stuffing for the brain of a pageant contestant?"

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