Comment of the Day: Get Ready for a Lawsuit, Pierce County Taxpayers

On Monday, Matt Driscoll filled us in on how things are looking for Pierce County transit riders.

Up, as it turns out. But that's a relative term. After Pierce County taxpayers rejected a tax increase to fun the transit system, projections showed that service would be cut by more than 50 percent.

But as it turns out, the cuts will likely be closer to 34 to 36 percent.

"Of course," Driscoll notes, "that's still a substantial cut, but things could have been worse."

It's also grounds for a lawsuit, opined reader kmcewen yesterday.

Not knowing that our commenting system has no filter for foul language (lest our editor in chief be barred from commenting), kmcewen argues that the cuts will disproportionately hurt the disabled.

As Pierce Transit cuts services, how are they going to serve the people who use transit only and don't drive or have access to a car, especially on the weekends. How will they serve people with disabilities who don't drive? Are they going to be primarily serving the middle class people who work Monday to Friday and the hoi polloi, ie, the rest of us, be d@mned? This is socio-economic discrimination which needs to be factored into service cuts. Oh for someone to sue the pants off of Pierce Transit for rank discrimination.

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