Top 10 YouTube Videos of Snow in Seattle

For true Seattleites, snow is anything but easy or routine. Even the talk of that wintry precipitation sparks school closures, office closings, and a general state of panic around the city. Now I would never go so far as to call this activity 'wimpish,'but it does have to be said that almost every other city in America with snow laughs like little schoolgirls when they hear about the Puget Sound having trouble handling a few inches of the white stuff.

So with the wintry mix in the area over the past few days and snow in the forecast for this evening, we wanted to share with you our 10 favorite YouTube clips of snowstorms in Seattle. I promise you'll laugh, cry, and probably consider not driving the next time snow falls from the sky.

10. Classic metro buses in the snow.

Video: Snow in Seattle: chains aren't enough (2012)

9. Don't know what is more of the main plot in this video: The snow in Seattle or Brett Favre in a Jets uniform?

Video: Seattle Seahawks vs. the New York Jets, Brett Favre NW snow storm (2008)

8. Children having fun (at least painful fun) out on their snowboards.

Video: Seattle Snow Storm Snow Skating (2012)

7. Excuse the video name, but this Bellevue accident truly shows the trouble of driving in the snow.

Video: Seattle drivers! Dumb-dumbdumb-dumb DUMB!!!! (2008)

6. I didn't know West Seattle had ski slopes.

Video: West Seattle Snow Storm 2008 (2008)

5. Seems like Seattle's dogs are fans of snowy weather.

Video: Junebug & the Seattle Snow Storm of '11 (2011)

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4. A scary scene on Capitol Hill

Video: Sliding Cars in Seattle Snow on 11/22/10 (2010)

3. A rad way to have fun in snowy Seattle

Video: Seattle snow storm 2012, Ski Jump Kerry Park in Queen Anne (2012)

2. Nothing beats sledding in the streets

Video: Sledding on Denny Way - Capitol Hill Seattle, WA Snow Storm (2010)

1. STAY AT HOME!!! (I know I would)

Video: This is what happens when it snows in Seattle (2010)

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