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This is it, folks. In just 17 short hours champagne will be corked, fireworks will fly, that New Year kiss will commence, and 2013 will


The Daily Weekly's Top 15 Posts of 2012

Seattle New Year Redone.jpg
This is it, folks. In just 17 short hours champagne will be corked, fireworks will fly, that New Year kiss will commence, and 2013 will be here. While it's always nice to start off fresh on January 1st with 364 more days in front of you, 2012 is a hard year to just let go. Think about the things we accomplished: Cy Sun almost single-handedly destroyed Pacific's city government, hedge-fund manager Chris Hansen revitalized Seattle's hope for a return of the NBA, marijuana was legalized for adults, and we all survived the end of the world.

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As always with the end to any great year we must celebrate our best moments and accomplishments. With that in mind, we thought we'd share with you The Daily Weekly's best of the best from 2012 - your favorite posts. It's been a great year, Seattle. And here at The Daily Weekly we can't wait to report on the crazy things that happen in 2013.

So without further ado, here are our top 15 most-viewed posts from 2012:

The Seattle Burlesque Olympics 2012: What You Missed (PHOTOS - NSFW)

Burlesque Olympics 4.jpg
Victoria Holt

As noted on The Daily Weekly September 24:

The Olympics bring out the top athletes in the world for a show of intense competition and sporting camaraderie. In Seattle this past weekend, the Seattle Burlesque Olympics 2012 had a similar effect ... albeit with far less clothing and more nipple tassels. Featuring some of the best burlesque performers this region has to offer, it was a no-brainer to send out a Seattle Weekly photog to capture the action.

Which is just what we did. If you happened to miss the event, luckily we've got you covered.

Described as, "a night of campy competition as Seattle Burlesquers tease and twirl to the finish line for the Ultimate Grand Supreme Medals and Rhinestone Trophies," the Seattle Burlesque Olympics 2012 didn't fail to deliver. From the shimmies of Ernie Von Schmaltz, Jamie Von Stratton and Flirty Sanchez, to the shakes of EmpeROAR Fabulous, June Cleavage and Pidgeon Von Tramp, the Seattle Burlesque Olympics had a little something for everyone ... as long as that someone enjoys the time-honored tradition of burlesque.

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14. Seattle Cop Who Was Snitched On Killed Himself

SPD Redone.jpg

As reported on The Daily Weekly January 6:

Nelson's unraveling began on Wednesday when the snitch cop from another agency working the Rainier Valley came up to Nelson and handed him a purse that contained cocaine. Since at least last summer, the vanquished patrolman had unknowingly been under the gun, as suspicions grew that he might be keeping for himself some of the drugs he'd seized from dealers.

So on Wednesday evening, the sting came down. Nelson was followed in his car and stopped by police just outside the city limits. There, according to Metz, the "a quantity of narcotics" was found.

He was then arrested and taken to headquarters. His gun was taken, and so was his badge. He spoke to command staff for a time and booked into King County Jail at 4:16 a.m.

About a half hour later, Nelson was turned loose without having to post bail and taken home by a high-ranking commander.

Just before 11 a.m. on Thursday, a man hiking off the John Wayne Trail near Rattlesnake Lake in the North Bend area discovered Nelson. The officer was taken to Harborview Medical Center and died that afternoon.

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13. PHOTOS: 7 Do's and Don'ts of Seattle Hempfest Fashion

Thumbnail image for pasty 2.jpg

Thumbnail image for pasty.jpg

As noted on The Daily Weekly August 13:

Do cover 'em up

Like the bud of the marijuana plant itself, nipples are a beautiful thing. However, Seattle's public nudity ordinance, like federal drug law, is still on the books, Hempfest or no.

Women can get around this using the newest pasty technology available, as demonstrated here.

As these gals show, pasties today conveniently come in all leaf shapes and shades of green, so you can be sure to fit into the Hempfest crowd, no matter where you lose your shirt.

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12. PHOTOS: What You Missed at Seattle's Sexiest Halloween Party, 'Seduction' (NSFW)

Seduction Redone.jpg
Marcella Volpintesta

As noted on The Daily Weekly October 29:

In its 10th year of celebration, the Seattle Erotic Arts Festival's Halloween bash Seduction was the must-see event of the season - having gone down Saturday. Held in Fremont this year at the spacious Fremont Studios building, Seduction provided plenty of samplings of the more hedonistic side of life. It catered to not only those who want to take a full bite, but also those who want a gentle nibble. Any type of appetite was satiated at this event.

On its surface, Seduction seems like the typical Halloween rave: house music, pasties, pirates, and the occasional man in a cock sock. However, Seduction goes far beyond that. At its heart is the Seattle Erotic Arts Festival, which has been the brainchild of the Foundation for Sex Positive Culture for a decade. The diversity of the event is captured exquisitely at the Sensation City stage. Here, willing (and unwilling) participants get the opportunity to experience ornate rope bondage, suspension, wax play and electrical stimulation by one of their highly skilled professionals.

Once again, this area of the venue allows all party people to engage at their own discretion; whether full participation or through simple observation. Other areas of interest included the hanging wall of art in one of the two dance halls with art from some of the area's most edgy erotic artists. And right next door was the "not-to-be-missed" live-painting by urban artist John Osgood as he created a true work of art before the audience's eyes. Also, returning this year was the 20-foot x 40-foot steel spider web which was draped in the main room. Certainly one of the best pieces of instillation art in the area.

And as any good Halloween party should, there was plenty of eye candy around. Seattle seems to have a knack for getting the sexy factor just right when it comes to this time of year. Nothing too over the top, while at the same time nothing too blase. There was also never a point where anything seemed implausible: watching a cop in a thong handcuff a man in a tuxedo (and not all too kindly), seeing a 12-foot tall tree with arms and legs making its way through the dance floor, and seeing a man decked out with a utility belt full of butt plugs and dildos.

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11. Seattle Cop Who Threatened to 'Make Stuff Up' After Arrest Was Just 'Bantering,' Police Claim

SPD Redone.jpg

As reported on The Daily Weekly February 20:

Two young Seattle men, Josh Lawson and Christopher Franklin, filed a claim against the city last week seeking damages for excessive force and wrongful arrest. They say officer Brad Richardson, searching for two assault suspects on the night of Nov. 16, 2010 near Seattle Center, confronted them at gunpoint and wrongfully arrested them.

Though Richardson's police incident report says the two "took off on a dead sprint down an alleyway," Franklin says he and Lawson immediately "got on the ground and froze." Lawson says Richardson kicked him in the head during the arrest and handcuffing; Richardson admits to kicking Lawson, but in the chest.

According to a video recorded while the officer and arrestees were enroute to jail, Richardson said the two were going to be charged "for robbery."

"For robbery?" asks Franklin.

"Yeah," says Richardson, "I'm gonna make stuff up."

In a response to news reports about the tape, SPD issued an online statement indicating the department still believes it had the right suspects, saying the case was dropped "because the assault victim did not wish to pursue this matter in court."

But the department's response does not do much to clarify the officer's threat to make up a felony charge. The response fails to mention that the victim never alleged he was robbed. The officer's report also makes no mention of robbery. The two suspects were booked for misdemeanor assault, and never charged.

View the full post here.

10. PICTURES: 11 New Rules for the Seattle Great Wheel


As noted on The Daily Weekly July 19:

No Raising the Roof

What is this, 1996? Don't even think about raising the roof on the Great Wheel. It's not cool, and it could even be dangerous. If you simply have to raise the roof, at the very least wait until you're safely on the ground.

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9. Photos: Washington People of Wal-Mart

People of Walmart - Scooter Ride.jpg

As noted on The Daily Weekly May 23:

Look, walking ain't easy. Who are we to sit here and judge the people in this picture? Maybe if we all took the easier, less-traveled, piggy-backing-on-the-store-scooter approach in life more often things would be just a little bit better? Might be worth a shot.

View the full post here.

8. Kevin Gausepohl, Tacoma Community College Music Teacher, Charged with Teaching Masturbating-Singing Lesson to Teen Student

Kevin Gausepohl Redone.jpg
Kevin Gausepohl

As reported on The Daily Weekly January 3:

There are many exercises that one can practice in order to improve their singing capabilities. To our knowledge, however, none of those methods involve getting naked and/or masturbating.

Kevin Gausepohl, a 34-year-old music instructor at Tacoma Community College, is nonetheless charged with trying to convince a 17-year-old student otherwise.

The Tacoma News Tribune reports:

Gausepohl allegedly told a Gig Harbor High School student he was conducting a study on how sexual arousal affects vocal ranges. The girl, 17 at the time, was attending the college as part of the Running Start program.She complied with some of his requests to strip naked or touch herself during private voice lessons at the college, court records show.

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7. Inside Peter Keller's Bunker: Guns and Folgers Coffee Jugs (Photo Post)

Bunker Supplies.JPG
King County Sheriff's Office
Some of the supplies Peter Keller had inside his bunker.

As reported on The Daily Weekly April 30:

I first posted about Peter A. Keller last Monday on Daily Weekly. The King County Sheriff's office was calling him a "person of interest" after two bodies were found dead inside his family's burning North Bend home - barricaded in by a couch and some other furniture.

As we know now there was much more to the story.

Later in the day it was determined the two victims found inside the burning house - soon to be formally identified as Keller's wife and daughter - had been shot to death. Keller still hadn't been located, and was still being called a "person of interest."

On Wednesday an arrest warrant was officially issued for Keller for the murder of his wife, 41-year-old Lynnettee Keller, and daughter, 19-year-old Kaylene Keller.

By Friday officers had located a bunker in the woods that Keller -- an avid survivalist and outdoors type- had been working on for eight years according to the King County Sheriff's Office. Located a mile east of the Rattlesnake Ridge trailhead, the bunker was packed with guns, ammo, Folgers coffee jugs and other necessities.

View the full post here.

6. The Highly Disturbing Online Chat between a Federal Agent and Gregory Sean O'Neall That Led to His Arrest (Warning: Sexually Explicit)

Computer Redone.jpg

As reported on The Daily Weekly June 22:

Sex offender Gregory Sean O'Neall of Des Moines, employed as a Costco food sample provider, was arrested yesterday - accused of distributing child pornography on the Internet. Investigators also say O'Neall snapped over 100 photos of unknowing young girls shopping with their parents at the Federal Way Costco where he handed out food.

The arrest, and O'Neall's first court appearance today, came after an investigation into O'Neall's online activity launched by federal agents with the Department of Homeland Security uncovered evidence that O'Neall downloaded and distributed images of girls as young as age 3 to 5 engaged in sex acts with adult men. Using the screen name "Animal_Instinct," O'Neall allegedly corresponded with U.S. Department of Homeland Security Special Agent Timothy Ensley, who went undercover online to bust O'Neall for the nefarious deeds he now stands accused of.

According to court documents, one aspect of the investigation (and now the case against O'Neall) is a particularly damning and highly disturbing online chat that O'Neall and the undercover Ensley allegedly engaged in on June 7.

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5. Happy Friday! It's 20 Ridiculous Mitt Romney Memes!

Mitt Romney Meme 2 Ready.jpg

As noted on The Daily Weekly July 13:

Hell yes! It's Friday, yo! That means the weekend is, for all intents and purposes, upon us. Even better the weather is supposed to be immaculate! It's a deafening convergence of awesomeness. Really, the only thing that could make it better is a collection of ridiculous Mitt Romney memes from Facebook. Bingo! We've got you covered.

Yes, because it is Friday, and because the last thing we want to do is actually work, we took a stroll through The Book and came up with a pretty solid collection of Mitt Romney-themed memory.

View the full post here.

4. Photos: Top Ten Cheesy Stoner Jokes in Honor of Seattle Hempfest

Cheesy pot jokes Clinton.jpg

As noted on The Daily Weekly August 17:

Number 6: A Vote for Weed

Q: What is the difference between politicians and stoners?

A: Politicians don't inhale...they just suck.

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3. Tacoma Teacher Keshia Shaw Charged with Five Counts of Second-Degree Child Rape

Keshia Shaw Redone.jpg
Keshia Shaw

As reported on The Daily Weekly July 3:

Prosecutors say Keshia T. Shaw raped a former student five times between April 8, 2007 and Dec. 31, 2008. Now 17, at the time the victim was 12-years-old, and a student in Shaw'
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