Invitations to smoke weed aren't exactly unheard of in the U District. However, rarely do they lead to a three-on-one assault in which the victim


Police: Man Beaten and Robbed in U District After Being Asked to Smoke Pot

Invitations to smoke weed aren't exactly unheard of in the U District. However, rarely do they lead to a three-on-one assault in which the victim is left with a possibly broken jaw. But Seattle police say that's exactly what happened early this morning in the 4700 Block of University Way NE.

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According to Seattle police, authorities received a call at a little after 12:30 a.m this morning reporting a man yelling for police assistance. The call led police to 45th and Brooklyn, where a suspect and the victim both were located.

Writing on the SPD "Blotter" blog, SPD Detective Mark Jamieson says police arrived on the scene shortly after receiving the 911 call and heard a man hollering for police near 45th and University Way. The yelling led police to a man described as an assault suspect, and also the victim of said assault, who is described as 28-years-old and was reportedly bleeding from his mouth at the time of initial police contact.

According to SPD:

Officers arrived in the area and could hear a man yelling for police around 45th and U Way. Officers located the disturbance and made contact with a man at 45th and Brooklyn. The victim, who had been chasing the suspect, also arrived at 45th and Brooklyn a short time later.

The victim, a 28-year-old man, was bleeding from his mouth and had difficulty talking. Officers called Seattle Fire to the scene to treat the man's injuries. While waiting for SFD to arrive, the victim told officers the following account:

He had been jumped by three people after being asked to smoke marijuana in the 4700 Block of University Way NE. The victim told officers that the man the officers had stopped at 45th and Brooklyn had kicked him several times in the face, and in the process, the group of suspects stole cash from him The victim stated after the assault he began yelling for someone to call the police, and that he was being chased by the suspect until the police arrived. He was able to positively identify the man stopped by police as the suspect who had assaulted him.

A witness also stopped by the scene and pointed out the suspect as the one who had been chasing the victim.

Not shockingly, despite the circumstantial evidence to the contrary, the suspect provided police with a different depiction of the events that to police being called.

More from SPD:

Officers spoke to the 26-year-old male suspect to get his version of events. He stated that he had seen the victim strike a woman earlier, so he was chasing him, although there had been no calls of a male assaulting a female. The suspect denied assaulting the victim. The suspect was advised of his Miranda Rights and refused to answer any other questions. Officers observed what appeared to be blood on the suspect's shoes, and they were submitted into evidence.

Eventually transported to Harborview for treatment of a possibly broken jaw, police say the victim was only able to provide a "limited" description of his attackers. According to police, the man told authorities the other two suspects were "a white male, 30, wearing a red jacket, and a white female, 20, wearing a blue jacket jeans." Neither additional suspect was located by police.

The suspect who was located, however, was booked into King County Jail on investigation of robbery.

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