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It's late in the year, but a strong new candidate for worst parent of 2012 has emerged out of Lake Stevens, where a boyfriend and


Incestuous Boyfriend and Girlfriend Arrested for Meth Hotboxing SUV with Baby Inside

Mom of the Year.jpg
It's late in the year, but a strong new candidate for worst parent of 2012 has emerged out of Lake Stevens, where a boyfriend and girlfriend - who reportedly share a mother but have different fathers - were arrested for allegedly smoking meth inside an SUV - with the woman's 11-month-old baby in the backseat.

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According to the Everett Herald, a concerned citizen called 911 Friday night and told authorities that a couple was smoking meth inside an SUV parked in the 6100 block of 57th Ave. NE. The Herald reports that a witness told police the same thing, having walked by the parked SUV and seen the baby in the back seat and the couple smoking meth with the windows rolled up.

Not surprisingly, the couple was arrested for investigation of criminal mistreatment and endangering a child, and the infant was placed with CPS.

When police arrived they found a 35-year-old man sitting in the driver's seat and a 22-year-old woman holding the baby in the passenger seat.

The details of what police encountered are highly disturbing.

From the Herald:

"She appeared to be high, also known as tweaking, on methamphetamine with sudden jerky movements, unable to concentrate, repeating herself and very constricted pupils even though she had been sitting in the dark," the officer wrote in court papers.

The baby had on a shirt and diaper, but no pants, socks or shoes. The child was crying and appeared to be cold and hungry, court papers said. It was 38 degrees outside and the vehicle was without heat because it was out of gas so the heater couldn't be used. There was no blanket in the vehicle to keep the baby warm.

As the Herald goes on to report, eventually the woman allegedly admitted to smoking meth in the car with her infant child, not to mention her two other children - ages 5 and 6 (who had the good fortune of being with their father on the night in question) - and told police she'd been using meth for six years. Court papers cited by the Herald indicate she told police she'd used the drug every day for the last month.

Oh yeah, and then there's this, tucked at the end of the Herald story:

The woman allegedly admitted that all three children have been exposed to second-hand meth smoke multiple times, including an incident last week when they all were in the car at the same time. She said she and her boyfriend smoked meth while he was driving.

The couple also has been jailed for investigation of incest. The pair reportedly have the same mother but different fathers, court papers said.


The only decent news in all of this is the woman reportedly had enough sense to tell authorities she was unfit to be a mother and unable to take care of her children. It's an astute observation.

The Herald reports that bail has been set at $150,000 for both suspects.

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