Mayan Calendar Redone.jpg
This is it, folks. The end of the world is upon us. We don't really know when it will happen, but at some point today


30 Things to be Thankful For About Seattle Before the Mayan Doomsday Kills Us All

Mayan Calendar Redone.jpg
This is it, folks. The end of the world is upon us. We don't really know when it will happen, but at some point today everything is going to stop ... you know, because the Mayans decided to not put more days on the calendar.

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So what does this mean? Hold your loved ones a little closer, do everything you always wanted to do but never could, and spend all your money - it won't be worth squat tomorrow.

Because there will be no tomorrow.

Since most of us probably haven't dealt with the end of the world before (I know I haven't), here at The Daily Weekly we thought it would be good to remind you of the reason you should be proud that while you were part of this great thing called Earth you lived in Seattle - pretty much the greatest city ever.

Here are 30 things to be thankful for about Seattle before everything ends.

30. The West Seattle Water Taxi: Granted, it might be more cost-effective for the county to buy each regular passenger their own Bayliner, but there's simply not a more pleasant, affordable public transit commute on the planet than cruising across Elliott Bay for 10 minutes every weekday.

King County Water Taxi Redone.jpg

29. The Elliott Bay Brewery: With great house-brewed beer, superb fish and chips, zero pretentiousness, and physical evidence of affection for Lake City and Burien, this West Seattle-based chainlet keeps alive everything many Seattleites claim has left the city for good.

28. Views from the housing projects: For critics who say the poor aren't afforded much dignity in America, the residents of Yesler Terrace and High Point have it pretty good.

27. Seattle Public Schools: They catch a lot of shit from frustrated parents. But put those parents in St. Louis or Detroit -- or even San Francisco -- and we bet their tune would change about what's truly an exceptional major metro public school district, warts and all.

26. The Surly Gourmand: Every too-serious restaurant scene needs a jester who pokes at folks from the inside, and exposes their moms' sexual proclivities in the process.

25. Never ending rain...and Portland: Can you imagine how much more annoying Seattle would be if certain assholes weren't deterred by the weather or drawn to Portland instead?

24. The Seattle Great Wheel: It's great, as long as people followed these simple rules.

The Seattle Great Wheel Redone.jpg

23. Russell Wilson: Granted, he's only been playing for less than a season now and several rookie quarterbacks have seen production taper off after their first year (Cam Newton, anyone). But he's led the Seahawks to nine wins this season (their first winning season since 2007) and put the team in a position to win the NFC West. He really might be Seahawks' fans' savior.

3elieve Redone.jpg

22. Macklemore and The Head and the Heart: While Nirvana, Pearl Jam and the grunge scene of the early '90s might have made Seattle the center of the music world, these two music icons are putting Seattle music back on the map for the rest of the nation.

21. 9:30 p.m. Summer Sunsets: When the weather is nice, Seattle is one of the prettiest places in the world. And the fact the days last so long during the best time of the year makes it that much better.

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20. Metro Buses: Some people might disagree due to overcrowded buses and the end of the free ride zone, but Seattle's bus system system is one of the cleanest, most reliable in the country. People in Chicago would kill for the King County Metro system.

19. The Space Needle: It might be touristy, but that's exactly why it is great. The Space Needle is what most individuals around the country know about Seattle, and why people travel across the country to come to our city. Without the Space Needle, who knows where Seattle's tourism market would be.

The Space Needle Redone.jpg

18. I-502 and the legalization of gay marriage: We're beating everyone else to the punch.

17. The Cascade Mountains (or the Olympics, or any place to hike around Seattle): The fact that you can drive for about half an hour and reach pristine nature for hiking and exploring is pretty remarkable. And rare.

16. Phoenix Jones and Rex Velvet: We have real superheroes and villains (even if the superhero broke a little kid's hand). Were like Gotham City, but cooler.

15. The Filson Look: Seattle Weekly Music Editor Chris Kornelis wouldn't be nearly as dapper without it.

14. Chris Hansen: The hungover looking hedge-funder that would have brought professional basketball back to Seattle (if the world wasn't ending today, of course).

Chris Hansen Meme 1.jpg

13. Seattle Coffee (even Starbucks): Seattle coffee is second to none. From the original Starbucks store at Pike's Place Market to your favorite local cafe up the street, it won't get any better than the coffee you find in Seattle.

12. Men with pony tails: Enough said.

11. The threat of snow: What would we have talked about (or watched) around the water cooler during winter months if not for the occasional threat of 1-to-2 inches of the slushy stuff.

Snow Redone 2.jpg

The things to be thankful for in Seattle before the Mayan doomsday continue on the following page ...

10. Gluten-free food: There was a time when gluten ran rampant, but luckily we won the battle.

9. Starbucks' CD selection: Starbucks was "Seattle's Best Record Store," after all.

8. Chone Figgins: With the world set to end, the Mariners had to blow their money on something, right?

Chone Figgins Redone.jpg

7. The Seattle Monorail: It might be old and useless, but what other city in America can say it has one.

6. The end of the world means the Oklahoma City Thunder and Clay Bennett will die too: No further comment needed.

Clay Bennet Sized Redone.jpg

5. No state income tax: Ohhhh Yeah!!!!

4. Top Pot's doughnuts: They are sooooooo delicious.

3. SPD's proactive stance on marijuana legalization: While cops here may occasionally beat the piss out of someone, at least they made good weed jokes.

2. Frasier: Without Frasier no tourists would travel to the top of Queen Anne searching for where his apartment in the show was located (spoiler alert: that location doesn't actually exist).

1. Alki Beach: Everyone flocks to Seattle's best beach every summer for a reason. The views in the winter can be beautiful, too (if it's not foggy).

Alki Beach Redone.jpg

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