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This post has been updated with comment from SPD, which can be found below.

Via the magic of Reddit the Seattle Weekly newsroom just discovered


VIDEO: Phoenix Jones Knocks Out Some Dude While Cops Watch (UPDATED)

Phoenix Jones Fight Scene.jpg
This post has been updated with comment from SPD, which can be found below.

Via the magic of Reddit the Seattle Weekly newsroom just discovered a recently uploaded YouTube video titled "PHOENIX JONES KNOCKS OUT RACIST ASSAULT SUSPECT".

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Not surprisingly, the title is in all caps. And, as it suggest, Phoenix Jones does in fact knock the dude out -- as police stand by and watch. It's bizarre (and, admittedly, highly entertaining).

Here's the video (the fight and knockout come between the 6 and 7 minute mark):

Here's the video's description on YouTube:

Recorded live on my iPhone on 11/9/12 at 1:56 AM PST Phoenix Jones, Midnight Jack, Red Falcon, Bishop and Westlake Drake are on a routine patrol of the university district when they come across a man yelling at a car. the suspect out side of the car in the orange shirt starts punching the window of the car scaring the passengers of the vehicle. Phoenix steps in, stops the assault while red calls 911. The suspect in orange then changes his target to Phoenix and begins using racial terms. After 8 minuets of trying to deescalate the situation the cops arrive(this is a the 2:32 mark of your condensed video). Phoenix Jones tells the office that he would like to leave and would like a police escort to the teams car. the cop agrees and then the suspect in orange says " f**k you ni**er all bring this to your house". At this point Phoenix agrees to mutual combat the two shake hands and the fight commences. right befor Phoenix knocks out the suspect in orange he says "you know you don't want none of this". His friends confuse this with him trying to stop the fight and start trying to attack Phoenix. The police officers move in and tell the suspects friends that the suspect agreed to fight and in Washington that is legal but if either of them touch phoenix without consent they will be arrested for assault. with the suspect in orange still unconscious Phoenix and his team continue patrol "I RESPECT EVERYONE'S RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH. THE ONLY REASON I CONSENTED TO A FIGHT WAS BECAUSE HE SAID HE WOULD COME TO MY HOUSE. I TAKE MY FAMILY'S SAFETY VERY SERIOUSLY". On the way home phoenix was contacted by 911 who said the original people the man in orange assaulted would like to press charges. Phoenix agreed to give them the video of there assault on not to play it for the public until the Seattle police could review it.

UPDATE: SPD Sgt. Sean Whitcomb confirms that it is, in fact, legal for two consenting adults to fight in Seattle. He point to Seattle Municipal Code 12A.06.025 for guidance, which states that a fight becomes illegal if a person not involved in the fisticuffs risks injury, or if property risks being damaged.

"It's our job to keep the peace. We were actually called to that scene because one group was acting in an antagonistic manner. Unfortunately, the parties did not separate, and we asked them to," says Whitcomb. "The proper thing to do would have been to not engage in any type of violent behavior."

So did the officers watching Phoenix Jones and his unnamed sparring partner go at it act properly under the law? Whitcomb describes the situation as "unique," but ultimately he believes the cops did their job.

"That's subject to debate, but ultimately the officers did what they could with their presence to encourage people to walk away, and unfortunately that didn't happen," says Whitcomb when asked if the responding officers enforced the law properly.

"I'm not going to second guess the officers. I do know that this is a really unique situation, because quite often our presence will be enough to discourage people from being involved in violence. That didn't happen here," says Whitcomb. "But this is no different from a large group leaving a nightclub or a sporting event, and as is the case, sometimes there will be pushing and shoving that erupts, and usually when an officer comes by and says, 'Stop it,' people do. In other cases they don't.

"I'm sure the officers could have physically stopped that fight from happening, but it would have resulted in a force response, then you and I would be talking about why SPD was using force to stop the fight," Whitcomb says.

While the video identifies the recipient of Jones' blows as an "assault suspect," Whitcomb says that's not the case -- police were responding to a disturbance call -- and that SPD will not investigate the incident any further.

"This is is not assault. These two guys squared up on each other," says Whitcomb. "We're not doing any further investigation on it. Certainly there's going to be a North Precinct review, because we don't see these all the time. But, at the same time, the situation itself is pretty unique.

"There's no suspect, because there's no investigation. He's not a suspect. He's not a victim either."

Whitcomb says the man in the orange shirt who made the mistake of fighting Jones refused medical treatment at the scene, and that the responding officers filed a log after the bizarre incident indicating they left before they were assaulted by the group.

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