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Troy Fisher
According to prosecutors, the former interim artistic director of Olympia's Capital Playhouse, 52-year-old Troy Fisher, has looked at a lot of child pornography.


Former Capital Playhouse Employee Allegedly Had a Ton of Kiddie Porn on His Computer

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Troy Fisher
According to prosecutors, the former interim artistic director of Olympia's Capital Playhouse, 52-year-old Troy Fisher, has looked at a lot of child pornography. And he had a lot of it on his computer. A total of 151 illegal images, to be exact, with 23 more disturbing images found on Capital Playhouse computers. Authorities say almost all of these pictures, which Fisher has denied viewing on purpose, depicted very young boys engaged in sexual activity with sick old men.

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Because of the stockpile of kiddie porn investigators say they found on Fisher's computer, Pierce County Prosecutor Mark Lindquist announced Tuesday that his office has charged the former Capital Playhouse employee with 14 counts of child porn possession. Fisher is scheduled to be arraigned Dec. 11 in Tacoma. The case was referred to the Pierce County Prosecutor's Office after the Thurston County Prosecutor's Office had a conflict.

Strangely enough, the kiddie porn was discovered on Fisher's computer because of an investigation launched after he mysteriously went missing back in July. According to charging documents, Fisher's niece and nephew, who were staying with him at the time, contacted Olympia police on July 23, reporting that Fisher had disappeared in the middle of the night.

Two days later, at approximately 1:55 a.m. on July 25, Fisher called 911 from a payphone outside a grocery store in West Olympia. When authorities arrived to pick him up, Fisher was reportedly disoriented and dehydrated, barefoot and wearing pajama pants. He was transported to a local hospital for treatment.

When contacted by police at the hospital, Fisher reported having no memory of the previous 48 hours. He said all he recalled was not being able to sleep early on the morning of July 23 and heading out to his car to listen to some music, so as not to wake up his niece and nephew. Two days later Fisher told authorities he woke up under a bush.

According to charging documents, because there were reports that Fisher had recently fired an employee, and had angry exchanges via email with the person, police looked for clues on his computer and cell phone while he was missing. It was during this process that an analysis turned up 151 images of suspected minors engaged in sexually explicit conduct.

Prosecutors say when he was initially approached by police, Fisher denied downloading the kiddie porn pictures. Eventually, however, investigators say Fisher admitted to regularly looking at gay porn on the Internet, but claimed any child pornography he'd downloaded was purely accidental. According to charging documents, "Fisher claimed that when he searched the internet 'a millions things open up' and that unsolicited images came up constantly. He claimed that any viewing of child pornography would have been unintentional."

During his interview with police Fisher also admitted to looking at gay porn on two Capital Playhouse computers. Investigators say an analysis of these machines turned up 23 more kiddie porn images.

Charging documents indicate a number of the porn website Fisher regularly visited are involved in active investigations regarding the depiction of minors involved in sexual activity. Some of the website Fisher reportedly frequented include,,,,,,, and

As charging documents note: "The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children confirmed that nine of the seventeen listed websites are involved in active law enforcement investigations for depictions of minors engaged in sexual conduct."

The declaration for determination of probable cause filed against Troy Fisher can be found on the following page. (Note: The charging documents include depictions of 14 images found on Fisher's computer, and are extremely graphic. Proceed with caution.)

Troy Fisher Charging Docs

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