Shut Up and Take My Money: Top 5 Bedroom Success-ories

Shut Up and Take My Money is a weekly feature about coveting the coolest, if not the most practical, gadgets and designs on the web--the kind that make you throw caution to the wind and reach for your wallet before that pesky self-control can kick in.

Seattle's unyielding rain is driving its denizens into homebody hibernation. And whether cuddling up to a loved one or hiding your cold, lonely body under the covers, that means spending more time in the bedroom. These nifty items will help you spice up that safe space, so you can feel like James Bond while eating peanut butter from a jar in your jimjams.

1. The Personal Speaker Pillow

Is a sleepy spouse keeping you from rocking out to smooth jazz into the wee hours of the morning? Have no fear. The Personal Speaker Pillow lets you to listen to your favorite tunes or audio books all night long without disturbing your partner. Just plug the stereo cord into an mp3 player and get comfortable. The sound is only audible to the person laying directly on top of the pillow and the padding is fluffy enough to hide the hardness of the speaker. When available. the musical bedding retails for $29.95.


2. Bedroom Stories Blanket

The ultimate play on reading in bed, this blanket is printed with your favorite story excerpts. It's even sewn like a book with additional flaps attached to the center fold so the reader/napper can turn the pages. Though only in its design stages, this blanket would make the perfect gift for a chilly bookworm. Just imagine curling up in your favorite Harry Potter passage. Accio wallet!

book blanket.jpg

3. Glowing Moonlight Cushion

Much more cuddly than a lava lamp, this ThinkGeek contraption lets your bedding set the mood. The throw pillow is packed with low energy, multicolored LEDs that give off vibrant light shows without heating up the fabric. Just tap the center of the cushion to begin the impressive galactic display and tap off when your date is thoroughly wooed. The guaranteed conversation piece is only $29.99 online.

light pillow.jpg


4. Twister Bed Sheets

Once your bedroom's pillows have impressed your partner with their ambiance, these sheets can continue the seduction with the tried and true effectiveness of Twister. The red, blue, yellow and green dots of childhood take on a whole new realm of possibility once they're printed on a fitted bed sheet. Prove your flexibility and score a sexy entanglement with the $55 purchase.

cropped twister.jpg

5. Totoro Bed

If luminescent pillows and suggestive sheets have failed to win the heart of that special someone, this huge Totoro bed is sure to keep the loneliness at bay. Even if you haven't seen the animated Hayao Miyazaki film that unleashed this character on pop culture, Totoro's plush physique, adorable face and sleeping bag belly is sure to win you over. Unfortunately, quality versions of this bedroom buddy are difficult to find stateside, so you'll have to hunt for him on eBay, with $279 or more at hand.

cropped totoro.jpg

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