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Richard Sherman
Traveling all the way to Miami only to lose to the lowly Dolphins had to sting for the Seahawks. The fact the sprinklers


Insult to Injury: After Depressing Loss in Miami, Seahawks May Lose Starting Cornerbacks to Adderall Suspension

Richard Sherman.jpg
Richard Sherman
Traveling all the way to Miami only to lose to the lowly Dolphins had to sting for the Seahawks. The fact the sprinklers decided to come on mid-game epitomized the sad state of affairs Sunday.

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But matters quickly went from bad to worse with the news that the Seahawks' starting cornerbacks, Brandon Browner and Richard Sherman, are both looking at four-game suspension for violating the NFL's policy on performance-enhancing drugs -- accused of popping Adderall.

Needless to say, losing both Sherman and Browner for a quarter of the regular season, in the midst of the NFC playoff race, may be a mountain not even Pete Carroll's endless supply of energy can overcome.

Then again, perhaps keeping up with Carroll was the reason Browner and Sherman were downing stimulants in the first place.

That's mere speculation, of course. Here's what we know for sure.

From ESPN (citing "league sources"):

Both Sherman and Browner tested positive and are appealing their suspensions, insisting they are innocent, according to sources. The appeal could be heard as early as this week.

The Seattle Times' Danny O'Neil covered Sunday's game in Miami, and interviewed both Sherman and Browner after the game -- saying later that neither player gave any indication the suspensions were looming. Fans and media types didn't learn of the possible suspensions until well after Sunday's game.

From O'Neill and the Seattle Times:

An NFL spokesman said the policy is not to comment on reports of this nature. The report came after the Seahawks had left Miami stadium to return to Seattle so no team officials were available for commment.

In terms of how information regarding Sherman and Browner's suspensions may have been leaked, speculates, noting that both players will be allowed to continue playing until the appeals process plays out.


There's currently no date for a hearing and no timetable for a resolution. Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports that both players are accused of taking Adderall. Unless someone from the league office or the Seahawks disclosed that information to Rapoport (and in turn risked incurring a fine of up to $500,000), Rapoport's information comes from the players or their agents. And because the league and the team technically can say nothing about the subject, the players or their agents can say anything.

As you may or may not recall, the Seahawks lost rookie safety Winston Guy to a performance-enhancing-drug suspension just last week. While there's a decent chance Guy's suspension went relatively unnoticed by fans -- as dude didn't really play -- the loss of Sherman and Browner, if the suspensions are upheld, will surely have an impact that's impossible to ignore.

Naturally, the first question Sherman should field if his suspension comes to pass is: "U mad, bro?"

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