PHOTOS: Anonymous Seattle Protests the Government While Wearing Awesome Masks

About 20 members of Anonymous Seattle wearing Guy Fawkes masks marched from Westlake Park to the Courthouse Monday afternoon as part of Anonymous' worldwide protest against political suppression. Branches of the anti-government group Anonymous in several cities around the world coordinated the protest, calling it Operation Vendetta in honor of the movie V for Vendetta.

Melvin Neifert, a member of Anonymous who organized the event, said Anonymous leaders in the United Kingdom contacted him and suggested he organize a protest in Seattle to show solidarity.

"Today's event is against the world government suppressing the rights of the people," Neifert said. "We're marching to the courthouse to let them know that we won't be intimidated and we're tired of it."

A member of Anonymous who goes by the name Mustache Diva said the event was organized because "the is government fucking with our liberties."

The group members' masks were inspired by the final scene of V for Vendetta in which thousands of Londoners, all wearing Guy Fawkes masks, march to Parliament in a peaceful civil rebellion. Neifert said he and other Anonymous members painted their masks to represent various political issues.

"We've got masks for environmental issues, gay rights, animal rights," Neifert said. "Each one covers a different issue."

Anonymous is a peaceful group, but the masks make them look a little intimidating.

"People look at me in fear sometimes, which is ridiculous," Mustache Diva said. "I'm a tiny gay man and people think that I'm dangerous."

Here are some photos of Anonymous in their masks before heading to the courthouse:

anon 8.jpg
Melvin Neifert holds an Anonymous flag as he rallies the protesters

anon 5.jpg

anon 3.jpg
Mustache Diva

anon 2.jpg


anon 4.jpg

anon 10.jpg

anon 11.jpg

anon 9-1.jpg

anon 6.jpg

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