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Mike Leach has lost it.
Argh, matey! Remember all that excitement that came with the hiring of Mike Leach by the Washington State Cougars to


Disastrous Mike Leach Era Continues at WSU; Star Receiver Marquess Wilson Reportedly Bolts

mike leach.jpg
Mike Leach has lost it.
Argh, matey! Remember all that excitement that came with the hiring of Mike Leach by the Washington State Cougars to coach the school's long-struggling football team?

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Yeah, the hindsight provided by not even 365 days of Leach stomping around the Palouse is 20/20. Turns out the Leach Era in Pullman is already a disaster, and getting uglier and more embarrassing every day.

This morning comes news that star WSU receiver Marquess Wilson left last night's practice in a tiff, and - not only that - the NFL-caliber wideout has reportedly straight-up quit the team.

The Cougar-iffic Jim Moore had the story this morning on Twitter (which would have gotten him suspended from the WSU football team, if he was a player):

Not long later, Christian Caple of the Spokesman Review tweeted that, whether he quit or not, Wilson has been suspended by the team.

Of course, Wilson's departure comes on the heels of the team's latest on-field debacle, in which the Cougs got demolished by the Utah Utes. However, the listless performance was quickly outdone by Leach's postgame press conference tirade, which by all accounts was a disgusting display of a deranged man who's lost all control (and perhaps his mind). Leach literally brought at least one player to tears with the verbally abusive, alcoholic-dad manner in which he questioned the team's heart and motivation in the loss.

It was pathetic.

As the Seattle Times Bud Withers recounted in Sunday's paper:

Asked about the lack of protection for quarterback Jeff Tuel, resulting in six sacks, Leach said, "A part of it's effort, and some of it borders on cowardice ... it was one of the most heartless efforts up front I've ever seen. And our D-line wasn't any better."

That was right after he said, "Utah could have beat us by a hundred."

But the proceedings were just beginning. The usual protocol is for media members to request a handful of players for interviews. On this day, a WSU operative said the starting offensive and defensive lines would be out instead, per Leach's directive, not the players requested.

Into a small interview room the huge linemen strode, first the offense, then the defense, much as you might march your kid down the street to apologize to a neighbor.

Then Travis Long, whom Leach has consistently praised for his production and leadership, bolted the defensive group before that session was done. He appeared to have tears in his eyes.

In four decades of covering the conference, I've never seen anything like it.

Football is known as a tough-guy sport, but Leach's tenure in the Palouse has reached a level of ridiculousness in less than a year that's hard to fathom.

Dude's a joke - and a delusional, abusive one at that.

If the school had any sense AD Bill Moos would make Leach walk the plank this morning.

Somewhere Paul Wulff looks pretty good right now.

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