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Yesterday on The Daily Weekly we posted a Q&A with Sensible Washington , a "non-profit political committee working to repeal cannabis prohibition," according to the


Comment of the Day: Debating the Sensibility of Sensible Washington's Stance on I-502

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Yesterday on The Daily Weekly we posted a Q&A with Sensible Washington, a "non-profit political committee working to repeal cannabis prohibition," according to the organization's website. The questions and answers centered on Sensible Washington's fight against I-502.

Here's the first question from the three-part Q&A:

Seattle Weekly: Sensible Washington expressed significant concerns leading up to the election about I-502 and what it would mean for Washington's pot smokers and medical marijuana patients. Now that the initiative has passed, where does Sensible Washington go from here? Will you attempt to fight it in other ways?

Anthony Martinelli of Sensible Washington: We understand, and have always been open about the benefits Initiative 502 will bring, such as the ability to possess an ounce, and a big message to the federal government. We've been vocal with our concerns because we sincerely believe that some of its policies put innocent people, especially patients and young adults, at risk. The per se DUID mandate alters our current driving law so that a person's THC blood content, not impairment, is the determining factor for guilt. The limit set is 5ng/ml of THC for those aged 21 and older, or zero tolerance for those under 21. Neither is proven by science.

One of our goals moving forward is to alter, or repeal this new DUID law. We will be working with the state's legislature to build up support for altering this limit, and reinstating impairment as the standard for guilt.

Beyond this, we will continue to work toward repealing cannabis prohibition for adults, and bringing meaningful reform. I-502 is a good symbolic victory, and the ability to possess an ounce will stop many unneeded misdemeanors, but we urge people not to grow complacent with this law. When our prisons are being filled with non-violent cannabis offenders, it's for felony offenses, such as possession of more than 40 grams, someone growing a few plants, etc., which I-502 doesn't change.

We'll continue to educate the public on reform, and we will be gauging public and volunteer interest, and taking professional input, on the feasibility of us running another statewide initiative.

So far we've gotten a huge response from people wanting to help bring further reform.

As is typical, the marijuana- and I-502-related post garnered passionate feedback from many angles, including two commenters who debated the merits of the source.

Commenter Skeptic writes:

Why is Sensible Washington being treated as a legitimate organization worthy of an interview? Can't we relegate them to the status of La Rouchies, 9/11 truthers, and moon landing hoaxsters yet?

To which DocOzee replies:

SW is a grass roots all volunteer effort, not a high octane sell out organization that panders to moneyed interests just so they can claim a sorta kinda victory. They are highly relevant to recruiting pro cannabis individuals and bringing them into the fold in a grassroots kind of way. What , specifically, degrades their status? That they opposed bad legislation that still passed? Don't answer if you still think 9/11 had anything to do with Sadam Hussein, et al.

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