919,360 Washingtonians Have Voted Against a Tax That Isn't Even Being Collected

gas pump.jpg
Don't expect much to be written about good ol' Advisory Vote No. 2. After all, it's an advisory vote, and a terribly dull one at that.

Doesn't mention pot. Doesn't mention gay marriage.

Just gasoline, and a tax on people who store it. To be exact, it "concerns expiration of a tax on possession of petroleum products." If you read the literature, you'll find that the small levy goes into a fund to cover the clean-up costs of spilled gasoline. What's more, the tax isn't currently being collected due to a terribly dull provision in this mundane chunk of tax code (it's been suspended since 2010).

But there is one notable thing about Advisory Vote No. 2: 919,360 people have voted against it as of 10:30 tonight.

That makes the measure down by 8 points, which raises a question: if a tax on gas companies - one that's currently not even being collected - that goes to cover gas companies' asses when they fuck up can't muster a victory, how will we possibly reckon with taxes in the real world?

I know: get a supermajority to pass them!

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