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While our bus drivers may be keeping their genitalia in their pants ( unlike Portland ), that's not to say there haven't been some bizarre


Tales from the Bus: Shitty Diapers and Gunshot Wounds

Dirty Diaper.jpg
While our bus drivers may be keeping their genitalia in their pants (unlike Portland), that's not to say there haven't been some bizarre incidents on local buses as of late.

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Whether it was a woman reportedly getting kicked off a bus because her sick infant dropped a particularly stinky load in his Huggies, or a man boarding a Metro bus downtown while suffering from a gunshot wound to the abdomen, the last few days have been particularly strange on public transportation.

First, the shitty diaper ...

As KOMO reported yesterday, on Tuesday Nichole Hakimian attempted to utilize a King County Metro bus to take her sick 1-year-old son to a medical clinic. Hakimian tells KOMO her son had been suffering from diarrhea, and, as timing would have it, let go a bowel movement just as they were boarding the bus.

Apparently, the bus driver couldn't handle the stench. So she told Hakimian and her son to get off.

As KOMO reports:

When Hakimian asked the driver why, the driver gave what Hakimian calls a shocking answer.

"She says, 'Your baby -- he smells really bad, and it's not fair that we all have to smell that,"' she said. "I said, 'My son is sick. I'm taking him to a doctor's appointment."

But Hakimian says the driver stopped the bus and let her out roughly a half mile from the clinic.

Understandably upset, Hakimian - who, oh by the way, is 4-months pregnant - says she was able to change her son's diaper at a clinic near where the bus had coldly left her and then immediately called and filed a complaint with King County Metro. She then caught the next bus to her intended destination, where it was determined her son was suffering from the stomach flu.

A Metro spokesperson issued the following statement about the crappy situation to KOMO News:

"Based on reports, this appears to be a very unique situation. Our goal is always to balance the comfort of all of our riders with providing good customer service. We are investigating the complaint, and will get a report from the driver to confirm what happened and that proper procedures were followed."

Feel free to debate whether kicking mothers with sick young children off the bus ever constitutes "proper procedures."

Meanwhile, at around 10 p.m. last night, police say a man suffering from a gunshot wound to the abdomen found his way onto a Metro bus at Third Avenue and Pine Street. Having received 911 calls earlier in the evening about a shooting in the area of Third and Lenora Street, police suspect the man was a victim of this violence, though so far he has been uncooperative and no definitive link has been made by law enforcement.

As SPD Detective Jeff Kappel details on the Blotter blog:

A man in his 40?s was shot downtown tonight under unknown circumstances that remain under active investigation. At approximately 9:38 p.m. officers responded to multiple 911 calls of two groups of people shooting at each other near 3rd Avenue and Lenora Street. Responding officers were initially unable to locate any suspects or victims after an extensive area search.

Approximately 45 minutes after the initial call, a citizen called 911 to report a man with a gunshot wound getting on a Metro bus at 3rd Avenue and Pine Street. Officers quickly located that bus and effected a traffic stop at 3rd Avenue and Union Street. Officers boarded the bus and located a male in his 40?s with a gunshot wound to his abdomen.

And ...

The victim was not cooperative with officers regarding what events transpired leading up to the shooting nor would the victim provide any suspect information.

Witnesses not involved in the incident described one shooter as a black male wearing a white tank top.

Police say the man's injuries are considered non-life-threatening, and that the investigation remains active and ongoing.

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