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Full disclosure: I know next to nothing about Spokane. But what I do know is Spokane - and every other city in this nation


Spokane's Amy Biviano Keeps It Real, Hasn't Removed Bikini Photos from Facebook Even as Playboy Controversy Explodes

Biviano Bikini2 Mug.jpg
Full disclosure: I know next to nothing about Spokane. But what I do know is Spokane - and every other city in this nation of ours - could use more politicians like Amy Biviano.

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Biviano, as you know, posed for Playboy back in college, circa 1995. She went to Yale, and thought it'd be a breast-baring hoot to appear in the magazine's "Women of the Ivy League" edition. Now she's a Democrat, mother, wife, and Sunday school teacher running for the state legislature.

Late last week her published Playboy topless photos suddenly became a big deal thanks to the work of political-attack thug Floyd Brown and his Western Journalism Center, who unearthed the photos (from under his mattress?) and showed them to the world in an effort to discredit the candidate challenging incumbent Republican Matt Shea in the Spokane Valley.

Biviano has no regrets. She offered no apologies at the time of the shoot, and has offered no apologies in the midst of the "scandal" the nearly 20-year-old photos have created for her, even as the pics get widely distributed via the internet thanks to crusading conservatives and ardent horndogs.

And you know what? Whatever your stance on Biviano's nipples is, that's damn refreshing. In an environment where politicians are constantly on guard, constantly monitoring their image, and constantly doing everything within their power to avoid a "gaffe" of any sort, the fact that Biviano isn't crumbling to the pressure of average politics is just plain fucking awesome.

She took her top off for Playboy. Now she wants to represent the people of the Spokane Valley in Olympia. She's up front about both. Deal with it, conventional political wisdom. Deal with it, squares.

And she's not just talking the talk. While the late-game public release of topless photos would have sent most candidates into an image-scrubbing frenzy, Biviano not only stands non-apologetic in the face of scrutiny over her boobs-out photo shoot, she stands defiant - comfortable enough to maintain a personal Facebook profile featuring several bikini photos along with pictures of her kids' science projects.

Biviano Bikini2.jpg

Biviano Bikin.jpg

Are the photos even remotely racy? No, not really. But, when you think about the current political landscape, and the fact Biviano is currently embroiled in a controversy that's got folks from all corners focusing on her chest, the typical political reaction would have been to throw sanitizer on everything. The typical politician would have removed any and all bikini accelerant from Facebook the minute the Playboy story broke, if not well before.

But Biviano doesn't seem terribly interested in typical politics - which is exactly what makes her awesome. And probably why she'll get crushed.

I don't know much about Spokane, but I know Amy Biviano keeps it real.

And politics could definitely use more keeping it real.

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