Romney calls blind trusts an "age-old ruse" in 1994.
As Sensata-- an automotive sensor manufacturer, recently purchased by Bain Capital --prepares to move its factory


VIDEO: Romney Contradicts Romney on Blind Trusts, the President's Pension and Outsourcing to China

Romney calls blind trusts an "age-old ruse" in 1994.
As Sensata--an automotive sensor manufacturer, recently purchased by Bain Capital--prepares to move its factory from Freeport, Ill. to China, Mitt Romney is getting skewered for outsourcing American jobs and still raking in the profit.

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But is the Governor really to blame? After all, he hasn't run Bain Capital for years. The answer depends on which Romney you believe, Mitt Beta or Version 2.0.

At last night's town hall debate, President Obama was quick to bring up the Governor's overseas investments and his former firm's outsourcing trigger finger. According to the New York Times fact-checker, the Big O wasn't lying. Romney does indeed have millions invested in various funds managed by Bain Capitol. Eight of those millions funded the equity firm's purchase of 51% of Sensata's shares. Now Bain is using its majority shareholder power to cut production costs by shipping Sensata's manufacturing to China.

But Mittens has continuously denied having any agency over how Bain spends his invested dollars since they're all managed by a blind trust. In fact, the presidential-candidate-version of Romney made sure to mention the buzzword yesterday and even insinuated that the President's own pension is tied up somewhere in China. (Obama retorted that he doesn't spend much time looking at his pension, since it isn't nearly as big as Mitt's.)

Hmm, a blind trust does sound pretty uncontrollable...but wait! What does Beta-Mitt, circa 1994, have to say?

An "age-old ruse," eh? Well if "you can always tell the blind trust what it can and cannot do," I bet the workers Sensata would have wanted it to keep their jobs in Illinois. Instead they've had to train their Chinese replacements and watch their equipment leave by the truckload. The plant should be fully transferred by November 5th--just in time for them and the nation to decide whether any version of Mitt Romney will win their vote.

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