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How does a story involving a man with a history of drug abuse and mental illness allegedly slitting his 17-week-old puppy's throat and text messaging


Allegations of Videotaped Bestiality Surface about Man Accused of Slitting Puppy's Throat

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How does a story involving a man with a history of drug abuse and mental illness allegedly slitting his 17-week-old puppy's throat and text messaging pictures to friends and family get even more disturbing?

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It's difficult, but videotaped bestiality probably accomplishes it. And that's just what King County Prosecutors say family members found in the home of 25-year-old Michael C. Hayes, who was charged earlier this month with first-degree animal cruelty after police say he attempted to kill his dog by taking a knife to its throat.

Luckily, veterinarians were able to save the dog.

Unfortunately, according to court documents, the dog may not be the only creature to have suffered at the hands of Hayes.

As the Seattle PI notes today, Hayes' troubling story began on July 23 when police were called to the Veterinary Center of America in Redmond, where a member of the Redmond Police Department says he encountered Hayes in a silver vehicle and a "small black puppy with a bandage around its neck" sitting despondently outside near the vehicle's rear tire, according to court documents filed in the case.

From court documents:

In this case, the defendant is alleged to have slashed his puppy's throat. After doing so, the defendant took multiple pictures of the puppy--which he believed to be dead--and sent the pictures to family and friends, telling them that he had just "slit [his] dog's throat." With at least one family member, the defendant then sent a picture of him displaying a middle finger toward the camera with the caption "F*** jail." The puppy survived and was placed in protective custody.

The defendant gave differing accounts to police and veterinary technicians about what happened to his dog: he said he had been attacked by strangers on the street who slit the dog's throat "to piss [the defendant] off," he said his puppy's throat had been slashed during a home invasion incident, and he said that he slashed his own dog's throat as part of a "military mission." The defendant also said multiple times that the puppy belonged to him and he could do with it "what he wanted." The defendant said that if slashing the puppy's throat didn't kill it, he would have dragged it behind a car until it died.

As if that wasn't enough, King County Prosecutors say Hayes' family members searched his home after he was civilly committed.

More from court documents:

During the defendant's commitment period, his home was searched by his family. Inside, his family discovered multiple videos recorded by the defendant of the defendant engaged in bestiality with his other pet dogs. The defendant's other dogs were placed in protective custody.

According to the defendant's family, the defendant has a long history of mental illness including bi-polar disorder and schizophrenia. The defendant is also an active heroin and morphine user. Family and friends recently called police after the defendant displayed suicidal behaviors. Family members told police that there were previous incidents of unreported animal cruelty.

As mentioned above, the only good news in all of this is the puppy survived. In court documents, investigators say the 17-week-old dog suffered from "a laceration that extended 8-10cm to his ventral neck," in addition to "significant hemorrhage and shock." Thankfully, the puppy's trachea was exposed but still intact. After a blood transfusion and surgery at a Veterinary Center of America in Lynwood, the dog stabilized and was transferred back to Redmond, where the poor little guy was eventually placed in protective custody.

After being interviewed by police in July, court documents indicate Hayes was involuntarily committed and served 14 days, and was later transferred to Western State Hospital to serve a 90-day civil commitment.

Find the full charging documents filed against Hayes on the following page ...

Michael C Hayes Charging Docs

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