Life Without the Ride-Free Area

Saturday marked the end of the Ride-Free Area in Seattle, though the true implications of the policy will be seen today, the first business day under the new policy.

While the move was promised to raise millions for King County transit, it was also seen as a blow to the city's poor and homeless, advocates of whom say they need the service to get to and from shelters and other services.

Further, the group Share/Wheel is arguing that the county is being too stingy with the number of bus tickets it is allowed to buy and distribute to the homeless, further compounding the issue.

At a rally Friday, the homeless and homeless advocates argued that local governments were more interested in landing major sports teams that helping the needy in Seattle, with signs like "Homeless Before Hockey" and "People Before Pucks."

Here are photos by Alex Garland, used by permission of the Transit Riders Union, of the rally.

To learn more about the Transit Riders Union, visit their site here.







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