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Jorge Gilbert
If life was like an episode of Scooby Doo, and former Evergreen State College instructor turned man-on the-lam Jorge Gilbert - who


Tracking Fugitives with KUOW: The Jorge Gilbert Story

Jorge Gilbert mug2.jpg
Jorge Gilbert
If life was like an episode of Scooby Doo, and former Evergreen State College instructor turned man-on the-lam Jorge Gilbert - who disappeared after receiving the largest ethics fine in state history in 2011 for stealing, diverting and mismanaging funds paid by students of his study-abroad program- was the unmasked villain at the end of the show, KUOW's John Ryan would play the part of "those meddling kids."

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It's a story I've written about before on The Daily Weekly, and a story Ryan deserves some serious props for staying on top of.

While there may have been many times during this years-long saga that Gilbert felt sure he'd duped the authorities and was destined to get away with the misdeeds the state Attorney General's office says he's guilty of - like when he was able to sell his Olympia condo for $130,000 before authorities could seize it--Ryan has kept the pressure on. While many would have given up when all signs pointed to Gilbert having beat feet to Chile, Ryan didn't. And recently, via KUOW, he blew Gilbert's cover.

As Ryan reports, earlier this year the Attorney General's Office let it be known that it was interested in hiring a collection agency that would travel to Chile and collect the $120,000 Gilbert owes the state. Unfortunately, only one company put in a bid for the job - so last week the state re-advertised.

In case you're wondering, yes, apparently, it is possible for our state to collect funds it's owed in a far off place like Chile, where many of our laws don't apply. KUOW provides some detail of how it's done by talking to Raoul Horacio Manfredi, the manager of a Chilean collection company.

But more impressive, Ryan has apparently tracked down exactly where any collection agency interested in finding Gilbert should look- pinpointing the disgraced Evergreen instructor to Santiago, Chile, and a job with Universidad ARCIS.

As Ryan and KUOW report:

KUOW has found the guy. Jorge Gilbert has been working for Universidad ARCIS in Santiago. He edits a sociology journal there. He's also been producing videos for the university's sociology department.

Gilbert did not reply to emails sent to his university email address.

Debt collector Horacio Manfredi says Washington can go to a Chilean court to recover the $120,000. If the Chilean court issued a court order against him, Gilbert's credit rating would be toast if he didn't pay.

That's all well and good, but will Gilbert have the ability to pay up once he's found?

KUOW has figured that out as well:

Jorge Gilbert's Chilean assets include an apartment he owns in a leafy, upper-middle-class neighborhood of Santiago. The apartment's been assessed at 52 million pesos. That's about $110,000 US, or nearly the full amount of his ethics fine.

Go get 'em, boys!

According to KUOW's report, Chilean collection agencies typically keep as payment about ¼ of the total debt collected- meaning any collection agency interested in tracking Gilbert to exactly where KUOW has now pointed and wringing him of the money he owes Washington stands to make a cool $30,000.

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