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Cy Sun
It's a sad day here at The Daily Weekly when there's no news on embattled Pacific Mayor Cy Sun to report. Luckily, today


Investigations of Pacific's Cy Sun and The City's Police Department Conclude without Charges

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Cy Sun
It's a sad day here at The Daily Weekly when there's no news on embattled Pacific Mayor Cy Sun to report. Luckily, today is not one of those days.

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The King County Sheriff's Office announced this morning that misconduct investigations into allegations made against Sun and the City of Pacific Police Department have been concluded, and no charges will be filed in either matter. The investigations were launched in July at the request of Pacific City Council President Leanne Guier, and involved both the King County Sheriff's Office (which looked into allegations against Sun), and the Washington State Patrol ( which investigated claims of misconduct against the Pacific police force).

Specific to the investigation of 82-year-old Sun, authorities dug into allegations that the elderly mayor destroyed public records, assaulted employees and intimidated a public servant.

In terms of the Pacific Police Department, Guier asked that allegations of criminal misconduct, alleged violations of police practices and the agency's treatment of suspects in custody be looked into.

Here's the complete press release from the King County Sheriff's Office, with the email that launched the investigation sent by Pacific City Council President Leanne Guier posted directly below it.

No Criminal Charges in City of Pacific Investigation

The investigations of the Mayor and police department in the City of Pacific have been completed. No criminal charges will be filed, according to King County Sheriff Steve Strachan.

On July 18th, Pacific City Council President Leanne Guier made a formal request to the Sheriff's Office to conduct an independent investigation into allegations of misconduct by the Mayor of Pacific and members of the City of Pacific Police Department. The e-mail communication and the allegations contained are attached to this press release.

The Sheriff's Office contacted the Washington State Patrol and requested they separately conduct the investigation regarding allegations against officers from the Pacific Police Department, and the Sheriff's Office would handle the investigation involving the Mayor of Pacific.

The Sheriff's Office conducted an extensive investigation which included allegations of destroying public records, assaulting employees and intimidating a public servant. The Sheriff's Office submitted their findings to the King County Prosecutors Office. After reviewing the investigation, the Prosecutors Office determined that no charges would be filed due to a lack of evidence that a crime was committed.

The Washington State Patrol has also completed its portion of the investigation, which focused on alleged misconduct by City of Pacific police officers. After discussion with, and review by prosecutors, it was determined there is no evidence to justify proceeding with criminal charges against any of the officers. (see also attachment from Council President)

And here's Guier's email:

Pacific Guier Request

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