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Federal prosecutors say Michael Martin - a former soldier stationed at Joint Base Lewis-McChord who tallied over a dozen years of service before being booted


Former JBLM Soldier Accused of Threatening to Kill A Federal Law Enforcement Official

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Federal prosecutors say Michael Martin - a former soldier stationed at Joint Base Lewis-McChord who tallied over a dozen years of service before being booted "Under Other Than Honorable Discharge" earlier this year - threatened to kill or assault a federal law enforcement officer.

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Because of this, Martin will be in federal court in Tacoma Friday facing charges of just that. The former soldier's arraignment is set for 2:30 p.m.

According to court documents filed in the case, Martin was formally discharged from the military June 15 after a court martial proceeding in February. As part of the action against him, Martin was formally banned from JBLM. But 13 days after the decision came down, on June 28, Martin was arrested on base - cited for trespassing while attending college courses he was apparently enrolled in.

Soon thereafter - either the same day, or on June 29 - according to federal law enforcement officials, Martin made the following disturbing Facebook post in response:

I just wanna give a big FFFUCK YOUUUU!!! To Fort Lewis! Thanks 4 arresting me 4 going 2 college tonite, that was awesome!! 1st yall put me in jail 4 takin care of mommy when daddy died, now u arrest me 4 going 2 skool?!?! Whats next, r yall gonna take me to court 4 eating breakfast? Maybe take me in 4 goin 2 the bathroom?!? FUCK YOU!!! Keep this up & im gonna put my bomb-makin skillz 2 work!!! Think im fuckin playin.

According to details of the case outlined in court documents, on June 29 Martin sent an email to an administrative specialist at Stone Education Center on JBLM in which he "discusses various issues he has with the military and explains his Facebook post regarding bomb making." Attached to the email, according to authorities, was a photo of Martin donning sunglasses and "flipping both of his middle fingers toward the camera."

On July 5 Martin was contacted at his apartment by members of the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force and local police, who questioned him about his Facebook post. According to court documents, Martin told authorities he had no intention of bombing JBLM or hurting anyone, and that his Facebook post was in reaction to being pulled out of class and arrested for trespassing. Martin refused to let law enforcement enter his apartment, and told the cops and FBI agents at his house that he had no weapons, bombs or explosives devices in his residence - and was avoiding contact with JBLM, as ordered.

As is detailed in length in court documents filed against Martin, the alleged Facebook threat is just one of many troubling rants the former soldier is said to be responsible for.

As federal prosecutors lay it out, Martin's anger has many times been directed at a former girlfriend, an Army E-4 Specialist who was in what court documents call a "dating relationship" in 2011. Investigators say when the woman made attempts to end her relationship with Martin, he became "abusive, harassing, and threatening." Emails said to have been sent by Martin to his ex and other officials on JBLM - which are included in court documents - paint a picture of a man who blames his former girlfriend for his ouster from the Army, and blames other Army officials for failing to see it. In various temperatures of irate, Martin repeatedly accuses his ex and others of lying and conspiring against him.

In February 2012 a summary court martial was held to look into allegations against Martin related to unauthorized absences, willfully disobeying lawful orders, and deception. The court martial determined Martin was guilty of the charges, and he received a 30 day sentence and a suspended fine. By June he'd kicked out of the Army completely.

Investigators say Martin found this to be an intolerable injustice.

In September investigators say Martin sent an email to the Chief of Military Police Investigations, Provost Martial Office checking in on a statement he'd submitted. Attached to the email was a document entitled "Cruelty, Maltreatment & Toxicity," which, according to investigators, "is a lengthy document detailing Martin's anger towards his ex-girlfriend and several other members of the U.S. Army."

Federal investigators reviewed "Cruelty, Maltreatment & Toxicity" and found it to be full of claims like the following:

On 15 June 2012, I received [sic] an Other than Honorable Discharge because of the crimes, false statements, and perjury committed against me by [ex-girlfriend] and [another army official]. [Ex-girlfriend] has lied about me repeatedly, even in military court, and I do not think my entire future and livelihood should be decided by the testimony of those who have broken the law and regulation against me, especially since once of them [ex-girlfriend] sexually assaulted me and threatened to kill me via text message shortly after I shot down her sexual advances.

And ...

To this day [ex-girlfriend] has not paid for a single one of her UCMJ violations against me, while my life & career has been COMPLETELY destroyed. I cannot draw unemployment, can't get a job, nobody will hire me because of the OTH discharge stemming from her lies so my 13 years of service I cannot even claim any employer, I had to drop out of college, my car insurance dropped me because of the discharge, I cannot afford registration or insurance of any kind because of the financial devastation the demotion from SPC to PCVT (because of [ex-girlfriend's] lies) has caused me, I lost my internet, NO veteran's organization will help me - not even the VA Veteran's Homeless Prevention Program - they are perfectly ok with seeing me go homeless because of the lies [ex-girlfriend] told about me that led to the OTH discharge. ...

And ...

I'm now on probation for 2 years because of the lies she told the Thurston County authorities & can't even go home to see my elderly and disabled mother whose in bad health and desperately needs my help, I can't transfer to USC anymore because of her lies, I can't possess a firearm which means I can't even use my 13 years of military experience to land a job with the hundreds of security firms worldwide who look for veterans like me. I now have to attend a full year of domestic violence "treatment" ordered from the Thurston County Court despite the fact That I was the VICTIM of her violent assault and assault with a weapon and the fact that I've never EVER touched a woman in my entire life, and there is absolutely n evidence whatsoever to support that I've ever assaulted anybody, man or woman, except for [ex-girlfriend's] words. THIS IS COMPELTELY MESSED UP!!!! I'M THE VICTIM HERE, NOT HER!! SHE NEEDS THE DOMESTIC VIOLENCE TREATMENT - NOT ME!!

Also included in court documents is the text of an email investigators say Martin sent to his ex-girlfriend on Sept. 20. The email came with the subject line "U lying sack of shit!!!, and read, in part:

"u think this is over bitch? oh it SOOOOOO is not over! BAD THINGS HAPPEN TO LIARS!!!! See u in court in a couple weeks u lying cunt, and this time the judge will actually ask u to provide evidence for all those lies that u told in court today, I'll be looking forward t to that one us pathetic sack of shit. U have no idea how bad u fucked up today, ur life is gonna get so much worse.. I was gonna leave ur baby daddy and unit out of it, but not anymore, this is FAR FROM OVER ... u fucking ruined my life, now I got a BULLSHIT fucking restraining order on my record? Well guest what, YOU WILL TOO BITCH!! god u have no fucking idea how mad I am at u, I cannot believe u would do this to me just cuz I dind't pay ur rent for u, u fucking worthless penniless stripper!! PAY UR OWN FUCKING BILLS AND STOP MESSING WITH PPLS LIVES!!!! YOU MESS WITH MY FUCKIGN LIFE?? GUES WHAT, I'M MESSING WITH URS RIGHT BACK!!!!

As part of their investigation, authorities note in federal court documents that they verified the existence of a restraining order against Martin prohibiting him from "threatening, abusing, harassing, following, interfering, or stalking" his ex-girlfriend.

In response to Martin's email to the Provost Marshal Office, he received a reply stating there was no evidence to substantiate his claims that a criminal act was committed against him.

Investigators say this inspired the reaction you might expect from Martin, based on the picture federal prosecutors paint.

Martin allegedly sent this reply:

Martin Reply.jpg

In explaining the seriousness of the charges against Martin, investigators note in court documents that they believe he had access to firearms and other devices "capable of causing physical harm and death to other person," and believe he "poses a serious and real threat to the safety" of military personnel.

Find the full "Complaint for Violation" filed against Martin on the following page ...

Michael Martin Complaint for Violation

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