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Last week I spent practically a whole damn day writing about Just Bieber's latest publicity stunt , in which he (and his people) used the


Comment of the Day: Bieber's Laptop Could Have Been Stolen Anywhere

Justin Bieber Mug.jpg
Last week I spent practically a whole damn day writing about Just Bieber's latest publicity stunt, in which he (and his people) used the theft of a laptop during a tour stop in Tacoma to draw attention to a video release later in the week. It made for an interesting Friday.

As my first post noted:

Earlier this week mega pop star Justin Bieber told the world he'd had a computer and camera, containing "lots of personal footage," stolen during a tour stop in Tacoma. Naturally, the Pacific Northwest laughed and nodded its head knowingly; just another instance of ghetto, thieving, crime-ridden Tacoma being Tacoma, right?

Apparently not. Apparently, this was all an elaborate hoax to promote some new goddamn Bieber video in which the silky-smooth Canadian takes his auto-tune machine in the pool.

I'll speak for Tacoma on this one: Go fuck yourself, Biebs.

Did Bieber know this stunt would make a city already trying desperately to crawl out from underneath years of bad headlines and Hilltop drive-by shootings the butt of yet another crime joke? Did he know people would instantly believe his story, simply because people outside of T-Town are always more than comfortable to believe the worst about the city?

I can't say for certain. But what I can say is this ridiculous publicity stunt put the words "Tacoma" and "crime," together yet again in the eyes of the world. It made Tacoma the punch line of a bad joke one more time. It rubbed Tacoma's face in shit one more time, for nothing more than the payoff of hyping a video that needed no hype.

As ridiculous as this all is, it made for one of the Daily Weekly's most active days in some time. So far the initial post has garnered 727 Facebook "Likes" and 41 comments.

One of those comments came from bye-, who, like plenty of people, didn't think the stunt was that big of a deal, and thought my reaction was over-the-top.

As bye- writes:

shit got stolen, Justin was mad that he never gets any respect/privacy. He then uses this as a chance to fool everyone into thinking that people were actually gonna get what they wanted all along, to see him fail by the possibility of having all these "inappropriate" shit leak on the web. Basically it was a "ha! u think u can bring me down type of thing but you can't" It's not like the whole motherfucking world knows about Tacoma's "rep", it's not like the entire concert consisted of the people from Tacoma. This could have happened at any concert, and someone just happened to steal this laptop HERE, IN TACOMA.

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