Shut Up and Take My Money: The 8 Best Quirky Coffee Mugs

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Shut Up and Take My Money is a weekly feature about coveting the coolest, if not the most practical, gadgets and designs on the web--the kind that make you throw caution to the wind and reach for your wallet before that pesky self-control can kick in.

In a city of coffee aficionados, picking the right brew is only half the battle. It just won't taste the same without the perfect mug to house it. Luckily, the internet has got you covered. Set yourself apart from the plain, white cup horde with these bits of curious crockery.

1. Ctrl-Alt-Delete Cup Set

In true Seattle fashion, this cup design combines our chief exports--caffeine and computers--into the perfect vessel for whatever concoction will keep you coding late into the night. The over-sized Ctrl-Alt-Delete keys double as mugs and come with a circuit-board etched tray. Bonus! The set is on sale right now for $4.99 at ThinkGeek.

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2. Food Storage Mugs

For those nestled in a tight space or simply too lazy to make multiple trips to the kitchen, comes the dual action, biscuit-tray mug. This version is cast in the shape of a face and lets the drinker stuff various treats in a gaping mouth at the bottom of the cup. Available at Uncommon Goods for $18.

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If that proves too freaky for the children, the Cookie Monster version is a nice substitute ($25).

cookie monster sized.jpg

3. Rubik's Cube Mug

Apart from function, the prefect mug has to have a little personality to distinguish its owner from the caffeine-consuming masses. The Rubik's Cube Mug certainly wouldn't be mistaken for any other in the cupboard. Another winner from Think Geek, this cup retails for $12.99. Pair it with these coasters for old-school puzzle overload.

cube sized.jpg

4. Camera Lens Travel Mug

For a more hipster flair, photographers and aspiring enthusiasts can pour their coffee in a cup shaped like a realistic, Canon camera lens, push-able buttons and all. There's even an on-the-go sippy lid, so you can look like a camera pro while Instgram-ing your life with an iPhone anywhere, anytime. Take your pick of zoom (11 oz to 16 oz) and color at the Photojojo store, $24-$30.

sized camera lens.jpg

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5. Hashtag Mug

A truly unique mug can speak to its owner's talents and if that talent is social media prowess, why not flaunt it? A perfect present for that one web editor friend, this coffee cup is decorated with a Twitter-esque birdie and a hashtag handle. Buy it for $9.99 and tweet about your gifting genius.

hash tag sized.jpg

6. The Floating Mug

There's even a rad caffeine chalice for those of you more concerned with function than design. In order to prevent condensation damage to furniture, the handle of this mug curves underneath the cup's bottom and holds the potentially dripping base above the table. As a nifty plus, the cup appears to be floating when placed at the right angle. The project was recently funded on Kickstarter and should be available for purchase somewhere in the internet realm soon.

curved sized.jpg

floating sized.jpg

7. Workplace Security Mug

Maybe you've refrained from purchasing an awesome mug, because inconsiderate coworkers keep swiping your favorite cup from the break room and you can't bear to be attached anymore? No worries. There's even a cup designed to safeguard your precious from anyone's mouth but yours. The mug has a hole in the bottom and can only function with the insertion of a rubber stopper (presumably hidden deep in the owner's desk). Anyone who attempts its use without the proper accessory will be in for a messy surprise. The passive aggressive masterpiece hails from Germany and retails for € 3,98 or $5.14.

passive aggressive mug.jpg

8. Pipe Mug

Our final product may forever change your morning routine, but will likely never make it to the office cupboard. The mug doubles as a smoking pipe, with a bowl at its base and a mouth piece at the top of the handle, and allows the owner to wake, bake and enjoy a cup of joe. This sort of unprecedented multi-tasking has the potential to streamline your day or have you to crawl back to bed and eat cookies--a fun gamble on any workday. Try it out at Zang Products with a choice of five colors and a $39.99 price tag.

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