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One day, we'll look back on the final stages of marijuana prohibition and laugh at how absurd it all became. And one of


Steve Sarich Loans Car to Teen 'Impaired' on Medical Marijuana to Drive around Curious News Crew

King 5 Stoned Driving Mug.jpg
One day, we'll look back on the final stages of marijuana prohibition and laugh at how absurd it all became. And one of the things we'll get an especially hearty chuckle out of was captured by a KING 5 news crew recently.

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By now you've heard about the contentious debate surrounding Washington's Initiative 502 - which would legalize, tax, and regulate pot in our state. ACLU drug policy director Alison Holcomb is the I-502 campaign director, and can be credited with spearheading an effort that polls indicate is supported by a diverse, mainstream and formidable number of Washingtonians. Somewhat ironically, the top ranks of the anti-I-502 effort are comprised largely of those already involved in the state's medical marijuana industry, with concerns over the DUID provisions included in the legislation driving the majority of fears.

Longtime marijuana activist and all-around polarizing pot dude Steve Sarich has taken a leadership role fighting I-502, acting as the spokesperson for the official "No on I-502" campaign. One of his duties, it seems, includes harnessing the power of the media, something Sarich has a knack for.

And thus explains how a 17-year-old with MS licked down a sucker made with 200 milligrams of hash oil and "a few hours" later was toting around a KING 5 news crew in a car loaned to her by Sarich.

As KING 5 reports:

Darianne Clary, 17, suffers from multiple sclerosis and has been cleared by her doctor to use pot legally to ease her pain. But if I-502 is passed and she is stopped while driving and any THC (the active ingredient in marijuana) is detected in her system, she can be cited for DUID. "No on 502" campaigners said this would be much worse for a young person than a pot-possession charge.

KING 5 took a ride with Darianne (in a car loaned to her by the spokesperson for the "No" campaign) just a few hours after she had taken her regular medication.

"This morning at 5:30 I ate a sucker, which is made with 200 milligrams of hash oil, which is pretty potent," she said. "It doesn't taste very good, but it takes my pain away."

For anyone worried, Clary didn't run over any kids or old ladies, and Allen Schauffler was able to complete the story unscathed, thus proving the I-502 DUID provision is unnecessary.

Or something.

As Sarich wrote Tuesday night in an email promoting the story to supporters and media types:

King 5 TV will be doing a number of stories on I-502 coming up on the Nov. 6th elections. This is the first in their series and features a story about the consequences of I-502's "per se" DUID law and how it will effect patients under 21 years of age. Apparently the new crew was not scared to be driving around with a 17 year old "impaired" teenage driver with MS.....while they distracted her with a news crew. I hope everyone gets the point about "impairment" and the "inability to concentrate" while "driving stoned".

Special thanks to Darianne who was brave enough to tell her story and then drive around with a news crew for over an hour.

Just another day, and another strange chapter, in the battle over I-502.

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