Packers vs. Seahawks: The 5 Worst Calls of the 4th Quarter

First off, it should be the obligation of any Seattle news outlet to note that bad officiating robbed the Seahawks of a Super Bowl in 2006, and therefore any bad officiating that goes their way is poetic justice.

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With that out of the way, here are the five worst calls made in the fourth quarter of last night's Seahawks-Packers game, which should be the straw that breaks the NFL's back and makes the stingy bastards give the regular referees what they want.

5. Pass interference call against Kam Chancellor

Typically, strong safeties are rewarded for reaching the received at the same time as the ball. But not in this game. In this game, it's called pass interference, and allowed Green Bay to continue a drive that will put them ahead.

4. Roughing the passer against Walden to keep Seahawks drive alive

That Erik Walden was penalized for not being able to defy physics and stop mid-air after Russell Wilson released the ball is one thing. That it took an interception deep in Seahawks territory away from the Packers likely caused a lot of cheddar-clogged arteries in Wisconsin to seize last night. And even if they gave us Scott Walker and Paul Ryan, that's just not cool.

3. Pass interference against Green Bay with 6 minutes left to go

Sidney Rice committed offensive pass interference on this play, but in a heads-up move, he declared it opposites day. The refs, knowing how it works on the playground, called a defensive pass interference instead, and the Seahawks are given what appears to be their last best chance to take the lead (but oh the calls yet to come).

2. Missed pass interference against Green Bay

Lest you think I'm against the Seahawks, I declare the refs not calling Charles Woodson for pass interference the SECOND worst call of the fourth quarter. Like something my pal Albert once said, it's all about relativity - as in, when two clean plays are called pass interference, a no-call with less than a minute to play is relatively egregious.

1. Whatever it is that happened with no time remaining

I'm going to take advantage of the wonders of the web here. See that "write comment" button right under these words? Do me a favor and describe what you saw at the end of the game last night, be it positive or negative. Hell, say that was the fairest call since Solomon asked for his cleaver. But the words are escaping me right now.

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