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More details have emerged regarding the "forced sexual contact" that got Capital High School boys basketball coach Doug Galloway removed from his position with the


More Details Emerge About the 'Forced Sexual Contact' That Got Capital High's B-Ball Coach Canned

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More details have emerged regarding the "forced sexual contact" that got Capital High School boys basketball coach Doug Galloway removed from his position with the team.

As the Olympian reports, the Whatcom County Prosecuting Attorney's Office - which was handling the case because the alleged assault occurred in Bellingham - has decided not to file charges over the incident that got Galloway into hot water. This decision comes at least in part because one of the victims of the "forced sexual contact" did not want the matter legally pursued.

As you'll recall, the Capital High School boys' basketball team attended a basketball camp at Western Washington University in June, and while Galloway was out attending what's been described as a university-sanctioned event, several members of the team engaged in an act of hazing including the aforementioned (yet previously vague) "forced sexual contact" between players. The Olympia School Board subsequently decided Galloway had failed to provide proper supervision of the students (and apparently failed to get proper permission from the school board to go on the trip) and canned him as coach - though he was allowed to stay on at the school as a P.E. teacher and girls golf coach.

The Olympian obtained the WWU Police Department's June 30 report, which provides more details of the alleged transgression than has previously been available.

According to the Olympian's coverage:

According to the WWU Police Department's June 30 report, Galloway phoned the police department after he learned that "a boy he thought was 16 years old ... had put his finger inside the anus of a 13-year-old ... during a hazing incident on 6-29-2012 at about 2300 hours (11 p.m.)." The police report indicates that the boy Galloway thought was 13 was actually 14.

Also according to the report:

Galloway told the investigating WWU police officer that it was his understanding that during the June 29 incident, several younger boys were in their dorm rooms at the WWU campus when eight older boys from the varsity and junior varsity teams "stormed" into the room, and wrestled three younger boys to the ground. One of the younger boys said he "may have been touched on the outside of his butt but that was all." Another said no inappropriate touching occurred. But a third said that one of the older boys had "put his finger in his butt."

After learning what had transpired, the Olympian reports that Galloway gathered the eight older boys allegedly involved in the hazing, who, according to the police report, "admitted to storming the room and hazing the younger boys, but no one admitted to putting their fingers in anyone's butt." Galloway subsequently called the parents of all players involved, and called a member of Capital High School's administrative staff, who apparently advised Galloway to contact CPS.

According to the Olympian's coverage, the police report indicates this may not have been the first time such an act of hazing involving the Capital High boys basketball team occurred at the camp:

A victim wrote in his statement that what happened to him was "messed up and horrible." He said in his statement that the alleged perpetrators were "stronger than he was."

On the last three pages of the WWU police report, Police Officer Wolf Lipson wrote that the crime of fourth-degree, misdemeanor assault occurred, "possibly with sexual motivation," depending on the suspect's intent. Lipson also wrote that one boy told him that this "was the type of contact made in past years at this summer camp."

In the aftermath of Galloway's dismissal as coach, many parents have come out in support of the Capital High alum, arguing he's unjustly being forced to take the fall for what happened.

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