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According to Seattle Police, things got dicey near Seattle Central Community College Monday night. What should have been a rather laughable incident in the log


Police: Altercation Involving Bottle of Fireball Whisky, Husband and Wife Cops, Escalates into 'Brief Physical Contact' and OPA Investigation

Fireball Whiskey Mug.jpg
According to Seattle Police, things got dicey near Seattle Central Community College Monday night. What should have been a rather laughable incident in the log book involving a nearly empty bottle of Fireball Whiskey Whisky, an eighth of weed, and four drunks, turned into an unfortunate altercation and an OPA investigation.

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And as if the story didn't have enough plotlines already, Seattle Police say husband-and-wife cops were at the center of things.

But let's start from the beginning ...

As Sgt. Sean Whitcomb writes on the SPD Blotter blog, it all started with a call from the Seattle Fire Department around 9:46 p.m. reporting a passed-out female in front of SCCC. Two officers responded, a man and a woman, and after seeing no sign of the passed-out female in question while driving by they parked their police car and investigated on foot.

As Whitcomb describes, it wasn't long before the responding officers "noticed three men and a woman passing around a ¾ empty open bottle of Fireball whiskey" near the SCCC Performance Hall.

In the words of SPD:

The male officer asked one of the men, a 29-year old, for his ID. The other man who had been holding the bottle, a 23-year old, then began to walk away. The male officer told the 23-year old to stay. While his attention was focused on the 23-year old, the 29-year old began to walk away. The male officer redirected his attention to the 29-year old and the female officer focused on the 23-year old. The 23-year old then began walking away from the female officer.

The female officer grabbed the man's backpack strap to prevent him from leaving. He then turned towards her, pushed her and punched her in the face. At this point, both officers tried to physically arrest the man but he kept fighting with them. He managed to punch the male officer in the face as well and eventually the melee went to the ground with the officers attempting to wrestle the suspect into handcuffs and the suspect fighting to escape.

During the struggle, the female officer struck her head on either the ground or the stairwell. It took both officers about four minutes to finally get the man in handcuffs.

What happened next is where the OPA gets involved. According to Seattle Police, the husband of the female cop who got punched in the face and struck in the head, who just happens to be a SPD K-9 officer himself, showed up on the scene. Seeing his wife had been assaulted, police descriptions make it sound as though the husband momentarily lost his cool.

According to SPD:

At this point, the female officer's husband, an on duty SPD K9 officer, arrived. Seeing that his wife had been injured, he approached the suspect and made brief physical contact with him. Two officers closest to him immediately separated him and kept him away from the suspect.

It's hard to tell exactly what "brief physical contact" means, other than police say it was enough to require the suspect to receive on-scene treatment from SFD, and some "additional treatment" at Harborview before being booked into King County Jail for investigation of assault. It was also enough to inspire the officers on the scene - including the K-9 officer husband who handed out the "brief physical contact" - to notify their bosses that the situation had occurred.

In the words of SPD:

Officers at the scene including the K9 officer notified their chains of command disclosing the contact made with the suspect. An Office of Professional Accountability (OPA) complaint has been filed and the case is currently under investigation. The K9 officer has been placed on administrative reassignment. Per department policy, he is not being named.

Police say the female cop who was assaulted also received on-scene treatment, and additional care at a local hospital for a head injury and abrasions to her hands and knees. The male officer reportedly declined treatment.

On a more humorous note, police say the bottle of Fireball, in addition to an eight of weed found in the suspect's backpack, have been placed into evidence.

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