The saga of Cy Sun has so many twists and turns, you're apt to get a little lost. So, we've broken his wild tenure down


A Cy For All Seasons: A Month-By-Month Look at Sun's Tenure

The saga of Cy Sun has so many twists and turns, you're apt to get a little lost. So, we've broken his wild tenure down by the month and rated how sunny it was for the octogenarian who would be king.


Cy Rating: 10/10

Sun, promising to clean up "corruption" in city hall that he never identifies, is elected mayor of Pacific in a write-in campaign. His victory is far from decisive - he beat the next guy by 63 votes -- but before taking office, he promises to fire Public Works Director Jay Bennett. Bennett resigns before Sun can take office, an indicator of things to come.

Winter was especially sunny for Cy Sun.


Cy rating: 9/10

Sun takes office, and immediately takes charge, first downsizing a contract for five police cruisers with out telling police chief John Calkins, then putting Calkins on four months paid leave after the chief blows up at a council meeting upon hearing the news. He also ordered building inpsector Roger Smith to stop issue building permits. Smith said he felt harassed and went on medical leave (and has yet to return).

Click to enlarge: The rises and sets of Cy Sun.


Cy rating: 7/10

Sun rival and Pacific City Council member Gary Hulsey admits that he killed his wife in Whatcom County in 1978 and was sentenced to 20 years of prison. The admission comes after an anonymous letter-writer begins to publicize Hulsey's crime; Sun ordered the police department to halt an investigation in to who the letter-writer was. Sun also forces Husley to apologize for questioning his war medals. Sun's profane behavior forces city engineer Jim Morgan to resign.

Spring was enough to make Sun sigh.


Cy rating: 4/10

Sun creates a "Control Room" from which to run his operations and orders a crew to clean out City Hall's conference room. In doing so, one planner said, posters and maps - possibly including some irreplaceable historical documents - were thrown away.


Cy rating: 2/10

A 10-page letter asking, "Who Is The Real Cy Sun?" is distributed around town. The letter recounts the city firings and resignations, allegations about Sun's messy divorce from his first wife 40 years ago, and a series of alleged lies Sun had supposedly told neighbors in the town of Echo, Oregon, where his family owns a horse ranch - including that he'd claimed to have been the only ferrier allowed to shoe Triple Crown winner Secretariat. Sun calls it letter a fabrication and immediately ordered his police department to determine who was spreading lies about him. The police balk, and Sun dismisses the acting police chief. Officers give Sun a vote of no confidence, and the lone officer who did not vote is promoted to acting police chief.

Thumbnail image for CySun_smile.jpg
Sun had reason to smile in May


Cy rating: 6/10

Sun claims the firings and resignations have saved the city more than $222,000.

"Give me some slack!" he writes in a newsletter. The situation has caused "an agony, shame and depression that penetrated both my wife (deeply) and I. I'm worried about my wife's mental health."

As for all those empty departmental positions, he says, "From what you've read [in the news media], you're thinking 'Who is the Public Works/Community Development Director and Engineer for all the on-going projects?' The answer is: "I am!" Your $750 a month mayor - for now!"


Cy rating: 2/10

It's revealed that Sun and political supporter Howard Erickson had been signing off on building permits, even though neither were authorized to do so and that Sun had been taking Public Works files home. The City Clerk filed a whistleblower complaint, and Sun ordered her removed, and when that didn't work, put a lock on her City Hall office door so she could not enter.

Rumors also spread that Cy Sun's name and birthdate are fabricated, though Sun has a birth certificate from Hawaii, a la Barack Obama, to prove his identity. His third police chief in six months leaves the department.

Thumbnail image for CySun_frown.jpg


Cy rating: 0/10

Sun gets arrested while trying to enter the clerk's locked offices, then fires the police officers who take him into custody. "How can I be prevented from entering offices in my own city hall?" Sun asks, and fires the clerk, Jane Montgomery, blaming her for "causing me to be arrested by Pacific Police [and] causing damaging nationwide news media coverage for the City of Pacific." Montgomery late filed a $2.2 million damage claim with the city for wrongful discharge.


Cy rating: 4/10

A lawsuit is filed by a California woman who claims Sun had molested her when she was a teenager growing up near Tacoma. Sun points out that the girl's family had sued him before, unsuccessfully, and then were ordered to pay Sun $30,000 for defamation (the family couldn't pay, and Sun allowed them to pay $1).

The effort to recall Sun then officially begins. The drive will cost at least $15,000, most of it covered by donations. Sun has to go, one organizer says. His reign is "something that's tearing the community apart."

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