I don't know what their problem is, but some experts are being coy and not predicting, before his first ever NFL start, that Russell Wilson


4 Quotes About Russell Wilson that Suck, and 1 That Doesn't


I don't know what their problem is, but some experts are being coy and not predicting, before his first ever NFL start, that Russell Wilson will lead Seattle to the Super Bowl, in which they will face the Baltimore Ravens. COULD ANYTHING IN SPORTS BE MORE OBVIOUS?

Anyway, here are four sucky quotes from NFL experts about the boy king who will lead the Seahawks into battle against the headless Cardinals on Sunday, and one dude, Bill Simmons, actually talking some sense.

1. "When Russell Wilson walks in the room, you feel his presence. He has an incredible vibe about him that's outstanding for an offensive football team and a team."

Jon Gruden, former coach and ESPN analyst.

Source: espn.com

You'll be feeling his fist, Gruden, if you keep talking. (P.S. Gruden once came to the river rafting company I worked for in Glacier National Park. That's right, guy can't even steer his own boat. Pfft.)

2. "A month ago I would've said this was a battle for the No. 1 overall pick. And then Russell Wilson looked like a 10-year vet lighting it up in preseason."

Source: SB Nation

10? Try 15. Try 20. This guy's going to be giving Warren Moon clinics up in the broadcaster booth. And I love Warren Moon.

Russell Wilson is 23, and from the looks at it, he was playing ball in the womb. Maybe even when he was just a twinkle in God's cosmic plan. That puts him at least 23 years into it. Fact.


3. "It might be wise to look at Wilson as something other than a snot-nosed rookie. Carroll and Co. don't plan to treat him like one. Last year, Carolina liked that Cam Newton had been adaptable from Florida to Blinn College to Auburn and was confident it'd carry over. Seattle feels the same way about Wilson, who made a similarly seamless transition from N.C. State to Wisconsin in 2011."

Source: NFL.com

What an insulting comparison. The only thing Russell Wilson and Cam Newton have in common is their hair-do, and sorry, Cam, but in the words of E!, bitch stole your look.

4. "His smarts, his focus, his discipline, his attention to detail, his work habits, his athleticism, his competitiveness, his confidence. ... Really, however you can rank them, he's that high on the list in all those areas. Now, all of those things will be in question in the real season, and he needs to back all that up. But if you observe him, if you know him, you think it'll happen."

Pete Carroll, as quoted by NFL.com

We'll show deference to coach here, but, damn, talk about damned by faint praise.


5. "Thank God Russell Wilson decided to become a quarterback instead of an evil cult leader -- we could have had the next Manson on our hands. ... Throw in Seattle's sneaky-good defense, its killer home-field advantage, a quality running game and a city that's been dying -- repeat: dying -- to have a sports hero again, and to absolutely nobody's surprise, I'm riding shotgun in the Cult of Russell this season.6

Will the Seahawks win 11-12 games? I say yes.

Will they win the NFC West? I say yes.

Will they make the Super Bowl? (Deep breath.) YES! I'm picking a Ravens-Seahawks Super Bowl."

Bill Simmons, Grantland

Now that's talking some sense. Thanks Bill! See you in The Big Easy!

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