Bo OBama Button Mug.jpg
With next week bringing the Republican National Convention to Tampa, there's no doubt the 2012 Presidential election is about to kick into high gear. And


PHOTOS: Top 20 Must-Have Ridiculous Items Sold By the Obama and Romney Campaigns

Bo OBama Button Mug.jpg
With next week bringing the Republican National Convention to Tampa, there's no doubt the 2012 Presidential election is about to kick into high gear. And when it does, you'll want to have the proper overpriced t-shirts and accessories to play along.

Luckily, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are both offering a crapload of junk on their respective campaign websites to help make this possible. From beer cozies to dog sweaters, there's something for every overzealous supporter to enjoy.

Here's a look at the best of the best ...

20. Moms Drive the Economy Romney Bumper Sticker ($5.50)

Moms Drive the Economy Bumper Sticker Redone.jpg

Moms drive a lot of things - from minivans to ATVs to hard bargains. Hell, moms can drive whatever they want. They're moms. And, as the Romney campaign wants you to know, moms also drive the economy. That's why Romney's camps is offering these clever "Moms Drive the Economy" bumper stickers, described on Romney's campaign website as "a salute to hard working moms across the country." Or, as Romney likes to call them, "MILVs."

19. Cup of Joe (Biden) Mug ($22.50)

Cup of Joe Mug Redone.jpg

Who wouldn't want to drink their morning coffee from a mug emblazoned with Vice President Joe Biden's mug? No one I care to associate with. In fact, there''s almost no one I'd rather start my day with than the straight-shooting VP. That's probably why the Obama campaign is peddling this "Cup of Joe" mug. Or something.

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18. Romney Super Fan T-Shirt ($30)

Super Fan T-Shirt Redone.jpg

The Romney campaign understands current fashion, which is why the Romney "Super Fan T-Shirt," is slim-fit and "vintage-inspired," according to the campaign's website. It'll cost you $30, but considering that's 1/33 the price of one of Anne Romney's t-shirts, it's actually quite a steal.

17. Obama "Still a BFD" T-Shirt ($30)

Still a BFD Tee Redone.jpg

OMG! A presidential candidate is slinging a t-shirt carrying the acronym BFD. That, like, totally makes me LOL. It's also kind of genius.

16. I Meow For Michelle Cat Collar ($12)

I Meow for Michelle Cat Collar Redone.jpg

Polls show feline voters overwhelmingly support Obama. This "I Meow for Michelle" cat collar may be a big reason why.

15. Romney 2012 Unisex White T-Shirt ($30)

Vintage Collection-Romney 2012 Unisex White Tee Redone.jpg

See? Romney is totally down with today's youth. Yet another "vintage-style" t-shirt proves it. The strange thing is, though, the $30 Romney 2012 t-shirt is unisex, which is something Republicans typically stand staunchly against because unisex is a sin.

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14. Obama Cufflinks ($30)

Obama Cufflinks Redone.jpg

Seriously. There are Obama cufflinks for sale. That is all.

13. Obama Basketball Jersey (Sale price of $75)

Obama Basketball Jersey Redone.jpg

President Obama's love of hoops is well documented. That's why the Obama basketball jersey for sale on his campaign website makes so much sense. Don't just help Obama beat Romney, help him take his ass to the hole and dunk all over him.

12. Moms for Mitt Women's T-Shirt ($30)

Moms for Mitt Tee Redone.jpg

Further proof of Romney's infatuation with MILVs.

11. Obama 2012 Six Pack Cooler ($25)

Obama 2012 Six Pack Cooler Redone.jpg

Even liberal, tree-hugging American apologists like cold beer.

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10. Obama Martini Glass Set ($30)

Obama Martini Glass Set Redone.jpg

OK, so the martini set is a little elitist.

9. Romney "America's Comeback Team" T-shirt ($30)

America's Comeback Team Tee Redone.jpg

Mitt Romney and his running mate Paul Ryan are billing themselves as "America's Comeback Team." And by Comeback Team, presumably, they mean the team that can erase any progress made over the last four years and take us back to a time when all was right in the world ... like, say, the George W. Bush presidency. I think we all recall how awesome that was.

8. Joe Biden Can Holder ($10)

Joe Biden Can Holder Redone.jpg

Because keeping your beer cold is a big fucking deal.

7. Knit Obama Dog Sweater ($35)

Knit Obama Dog Sweater Redone.jpg

Just like Obama is big with feline voters, he's also big with canine constituents. That fact may be tied to his campaign promise to keep all dogs warm in 2012. He better deliver.

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6. Obama "Made in the U.S.A." Coffee Mug ($22.50)

Made In The USA Mug Redone.jpg

This one's actually pretty funny. Take that, silly birthers.

5. Romney "R" Lapel Pin ($8)

R Lapel Pin Redone.jpg

Nothing says "I vote Republican," like a lapel pin. And nothing makes you look more like a walking advertisement for Carnival Cruise Lines than this official Romney lapel pin. It's a win-win.

4. Obama 2012 Apron ($35)

Fired Up Ready to Grill Apron Redone.jpg

Look good in the kitchen or at your next barbecue sporting this Obama 2012 apron. Or, look like the guy who spent $35 on an apron. It's open to interpretation. The good news is it doesn't say "Kiss the Cook."

3. Obama Baby Bib ($20)

Obama Baby Bib Redone.jpg

Baby's are messy little creatures - much like Obama's first term has been a little messy. While the Commander-in-Chief couldn't help but get a little muck on him over the last four years, your baby can fare better at meal time thanks to this official Obama Baby Bib.

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2. Bo Obama Button Combo ($5)

Bo OBama Button.jpg

Sure, Bo Obama is a charismatic and smooth First Dog (who looks good on a $5 campaign button), but have we ever seen his papers? Do we know where he came from? Whether he smoked wed and ran with socialist/commie/extremeist puppies in his youth? There are a lot of questions about that Bo Obama ...

1. Romney "Believe in America" Yoga Pants

Believe in America Navy Yoga Pants Redone.jpg

Seriously. Mitt Romney is selling yoga pants. In fact, on the Romney website, the campaign invites you to, "Say "namaste" for Mitt in these comfy, screen printed navy blue yoga pants" - which, of course, is just totally fucking ridiculous.

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