Albino_burmese_pythons mug.jpg
Albino Burmese Python
As you damn well know by now, a transient lost track of his six- to seven-foot albino Burmese python in Cowan Park


The Ravenna Python: Seattle Reacts to Timid's Escape via Twitter

Albino_burmese_pythons mug.jpg
Albino Burmese Python
As you damn well know by now, a transient lost track of his six- to seven-foot albino Burmese python in Cowan Park yesterday. Apparently the snake is bright yellow, and goes by the name "Timid." It caused kind of a shit storm, and led most down a path toward "loose python" jokes that filled the afternoon.

Though, sadly, Timid the python didn't cause quite the fervor of the infamous Puyallup tiger, the escaped reptile did lead to its fair share of fun. First, the back story ...

Jonah Spangenthal-Lee (who has been on a roll lately) reported the loose reptile on the SPD's Blotter blog:

The snake's owner reported the scaly situation to police just after 2 pm, and said his albino Burmese Python escaped into a wooded area near NE 61st Street and Brooklyn Avenue.

As police officers and officials from Seattle parks department and Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife search the neighborhood and Cowen/Ravenna Park for the snake, you and your small pets should keep to the trails, and stay away from drainage ditches, thick foliage, and hollow logs, according to Seattle's resident snake expert, Peter Miller.

Miller, reptile keeper at Woodland Park Zoo, estimates the snake is around 15-20 pounds and says it "has the potential" to be dangerous. "These guys are ambush predators," he says. "They find a well protected covered area and they sit and they wait."

The post goes on to note that the "weather right now is perfect," for a python, according to Miller, though the reptile will struggle come winter, may not be able to hunt due to its life in captivity, and, oh by the way, is bright fucking yellow - in theory making it easy to spot.

The Seattle Times, our area's go-to source for loose-python news, added some detail to the story:

Don Jordan, director of Seattle Animal Control, said that a transient living in the park told authorities that he "lost" his pet python in a wooded area near Northeast 61st Street and Brooklyn Avenue.

The reptile is not poisonous, Jordan said.

"Is it a threat to some cats or small dogs? Possibly," Jordan said. "They're heat-seeking animals. It will come out from where it's hiding and it will find some element of heat once it's ready."

Find a recap of the Twitter reaction to the loose Ravenna python on the following page ...

britney_spears_snake square.jpg
As with anything worth paying attention to these days, the escaped python - which remained on the loose at the time of this writing - stirred up a bevy of one-liners and hashtag laughs on Twitter. Some made Britney Spears mentioned (see picture on the left for cultural reference point). Some made penis jokes. Many made Samuel L. Jackson references. It was, quite simply, the kind of thing Twitter is made for.

Here's a sampling:

Scraps the dog from Boss Creative wanted to help.

At first, KPLU thought it was having flashbacks from the '60s.

Patty Edwards wasn't taking any chances.

Nor was @booksnchickens

One of the many Britney Spears references.

One of many Samuel L. Jackson references.

One of many penis references (from the Best Seattle Sports Twitter Follow of 2012).

The Ravenna Python Twitter action continues on the following page. Spoiler alert: the Ravenna Python get its own Twitter account!

It wasn't long until the python itself was on Twitter.

SPD got into the act.

There was some back-and-forth action.

Ultimately, the day belonged to the Ravenna Python.

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