'That Pike Place Market is a Rat's Nest of Hippies,' Anonymous Grumpy Old Man Complains to Seattle Mayor in 1970

An angry letter to the Mayor mined from Seattle's Municipal Archives suggests Pike Place Market was a haven for hippies in 1970.

The letter was reportedly found in the archives in a folder marked "Anonymous 1970," and was intended Wesley Uhlman, the Mayor of Seattle from 1969 to 1978. Uhlman was a quintessential Seattle liberal who proclaimed Seattle's first Gay Pride Week and fought to prevent the repeal of civil rights protections for gays and lesbians, so it's probably safe to say he was amused by the rant from his "hippie pal."

Hippies Letter.jpg
Seattle Municipal Archives via Flickr (click for larger version)
Note that the letter is handwritten in all caps, proof that long before the Internet became the outlet of choice for their ire, conservative trolls still felt the need to yell in print.

(Hat tip to Reddit user tiff_seattle for the find.)

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