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Two teenagers in Thurston County, "already known to police," according to the Olympian , had a little too much fun this


Shocking: Thurston County Teens Accused of Stealing Truck and Doing Donuts in Parking Lot

Parking Lot Donuts.jpg
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Two teenagers in Thurston County, "already known to police," according to the Olympian, had a little too much fun this morning. While the time-honored tradition of doing parking-lot donuts probably wouldn't have gotten the duo in much trouble when all was said and done, the stolen truck they performed said donuts in just might.

According to the Olympian, officers were dispatched to a Costco in Lacey this morning at 4:34 a.m. after authorities received reports of a truck doing donuts. Police had received similar reports of the same truck doing donuts at the nearby Regional Athletic Complex.

Not long after, a Lacey Police officer saw the donut-doing truck in question parked in front of Nisqually Middle School - which is near the Regional Athletic Complex.

As the officer approached, the Olympian notes:

"The two young men bailed out and ran away," [Thurston County Sheriff's Sgt. Kevin Slease] said.

Officers contacted the owners of the truck, who had no idea it had been stolen. They said the truck was taken while they were asleep.

Police, however, weren't about to let the two teenagers get off that easy. A perimeter was quickly set up and a K-9 unit was summoned.

Before long ...

"One of the young men came stumbling out of the brush and was caught by perimeter officers," Slease said. "The other was apprehended by a K-9 unit."

And thus they're night of fun came to an unceremonious end.

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