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Nadya 'Octomom' Suleman
So, Nadya Suleman - better known as Octomom - is coming to town. More specifically, she's headed to Tacoma . Friday Suleman


Octomom Comes to Tacoma, a Town that 'Supports the Stars and the Industry,' Pimping New Porn Flick

Octomom Mug.jpg
Nadya 'Octomom' Suleman
So, Nadya Suleman - better known as Octomom - is coming to town. More specifically, she's headed to Tacoma. Friday Suleman will be in the City of Destiny at the Castle Megastore for a meet-and-greet and autograph session promoting her debut porn flick, Octomom Home Alone - a solo act that apparently features Octomom repeatedly pleasuring herself around the house.

The event will mark Suleman's second-ever DVD signing, with the first coming July 17 at a Castle Megastore in Phoenix, Ariz. According to Castle Megastore Brand Marketing Specialist Cydney Wines, Suleman's Arizona appearance was a big success, drawing roughly 200 people and selling "a ton of DVDs." But Tacoma's rendezvous with Octomom could be even bigger.

"Tacoma was chosen because when we've done signings in the past with different adult stars there, Tacoma has always gotten a great crowd - always," says Wines. "So it's just one of those things where it just made sense. Tacoma always shows Castle a lot of love. They always come out. They support the stars and the industry. So for something like this, we just thought Tacoma would be a great place, especially being so close to Seattle."

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It's no secret Suleman has experienced her fair share of financial difficulties of late. Her California home was recently foreclosed on, leading the 36-year-old mother of 14 kids to utilize GoFundMe.com to attempt to raise a $150,000 down payment on a new one. Not long ago she was on welfare. And she's even worked for a company called Dial-a-Star, which offers telephone conversations with D-list celebrities to anyone willing to pay an exorbitant per-minute rate.

But with her debut porn DVD released in mid-July, and a single titled "Get on the Dance Floor," scheduled to drop in August (no joke), perhaps things are finally looking up for Octomom's bottom line.

Wines tells Seattle Weekly she's not authorized to discuss Suleman's compensation for her Tacoma appearance.

"Our DVD buyer here at Castle reached out to Wicked pictures (the company distributing Octomom Home Alone), and they reached out to her people, and we just kind of all sat down and came into agreement on what we could and couldn't do," says Wines. "It was really simple, actually, to get it done."

"The main this is she's coming out to promote her DVDs. As many DVDs as we sell, she also makes money off of that. So it's a great win-win for both," says Wines.

The natural question, of course, is who actually wants to watch porn featuring a masturbating mother of 14 who's obviously hard up for cash?

More folks than you might imagine, apparently.

"Like with anything, there [have been] a few negative comments, but the interest is there," says Wines. "It's just kind of like curiosity killed the cat. People are so curious. I think that's what makes them want to come out."

While the Arizona and Tacoma appearances are the only two Suleman has scheduled with Castle, there may well be more in the future.

"We sure hope so," answers Wines when asked about the possibility.

Those so inclined can find the trailer for Octomom Home Alone on the following page ...

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