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Keisha Shaw
Keisha Shaw, the Tacoma school teacher accused of repeatedly having sex with a 12-year-old student , has officially been fired from her job


Middle School Teacher Keisha Shaw, Facing Five Counts of Child Rape, Officially Fired

Keshia Shaw Mug.jpg
Keisha Shaw
Keisha Shaw, the Tacoma school teacher accused of repeatedly having sex with a 12-year-old student, has officially been fired from her job at Gray Middle School. Shaw had previously been on unpaid leave.

The News Tribune reports a letter sent to Shaw earlier this week describes the Tacoma School District's reasoning for letting the accused child rapist go, which include complaints by students, parents and colleagues of various acts of inappropriate conduct.

As the Tribune's story by Debbie Cafazzo notes, in addition to the criminal case against her, the Tacoma School District launched its own investigation of Shaw and turned up a number of unflattering accusations. The accusations include complaints that Shaw struck a male student in the groin, had a habit of blurting out inappropriate words like "penis" when students weren't paying attention, and at one point taunted another student for his "jacked-up teeth." The Tacoma School District's investigation also uncovered several complaints made by male colleagues of Shaw's who reported uncomfortable and inappropriate flirtation on her part during the 2010-11 school year.

As the Trib's story notes:

Documents released Wednesday contain several previously unrevealed allegations of misconduct.

After Shaw's July arraignment, the school district said it was made aware of a cellphone video that apparently was shot in spring 2011. Documents describe video of a male student writhing on a classroom floor in pain after allegedly being hit in the groin area by Shaw. According to documents, Shaw tells the student he's faking, and that she hit him "way up on his leg." The documents also describe comments Shaw made on the video about the boy's anatomy, and laughter from Shaw and other students.

And ...

Also in 2009, Shaw received a "letter of direction" from Bullock criticizing her for taunting a student about his "jacked-up teeth." After a parent complained, Shaw said that she didn't remember making the comment but offered to apologize to the boy.

Shaw's attorney, Mike Kelly, tells the Trib that the accusations are false and the legal process "has barely begun."

For a refresher on the criminal allegations facing Shaw check out our story from early July detailing the case against her.

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