Greg Nickels' Wikipedia page has already been updated to note that he has lost in the primary again . "In 2012, Nickels ran for


Greg Nickels, Defeated, Insulted, But Glad He Took Opportunity to be 'Thrown from a Horse'

Greg Nickels' Wikipedia page has already been updated to note that he has lost in the primary again. "In 2012, Nickels ran for Washington Secretary of State as a Democrat. He received 20.98% of the vote behind Kathleen Drew (D) and Kim Wyman (R)." His third-place finish in the Tuesday primary mirrors how he finished his career as Seattle mayor, coming in third behind Mike McGinn and Joe Mallahan in the 2009 primary.

Perhaps it was his two terms at City Hall that turned him into a perennial also-ran. At least, that's what some appear to remember most, judging by their criticisms and insults on Nickels' various personal and campaign Facebook pages, some of them cheap shots.

It was much the same in newspaper comment sections. "The people never forgot about Nickels losing the Sonics, Snow Catastrophe or Nickelsville for bums!" wrote one commenter in the Seattle Times.

Said another: "Maybe this will start a trend of failed Seattle politicians being booted instead of being elevated to higher office where they can do real damage to the economy."

Trend? It's a tradition. Ex-Seattle mayors who seek higher office usually end up as...ex-Seattle mayors. Both Norm Rice and Wes Uhlman, for example, flamed out in gubernatorial primaries and Charles Royer lost his bid for a U.S. senate seat.

The state's biggest voting bloc - Seattle - tends to remember things like, in Nickels' case, tunnel fights, former basketball teams, and the weather. As Nickels said after his mayoral defeat following the '08 snowstorm, "there are two weeks in December I'd like to have back."

Not even his own party would support his state candidacy, the Democrats instead endorsing Drew, and his Olympia campaign never gained traction. Today it is even worse than yesterday's Wikipedia update, the newest voter totals showing Nickels with just 16 percent of the vote.

"They say if you are thrown from a horse you should get back on," Nickels said after his latest loss. "In a sense that is what I was doing in my run for Washington Secretary of State. While the results were not what I had hoped, I am very glad I did." He did not say whether he will be glad to do it again.

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