Even if you haven't read the book or suffered through beers with someone who has, you probably know the moneyball concept: Find undervalued players and


Five Seattle Seahawk Moneyball Picks for Fantasy Football

Even if you haven't read the book or suffered through beers with someone who has, you probably know the moneyball concept: Find undervalued players and buy them on the cheap. And when it comes to low-value players, the Seattle Seahawks have them in spades, meaning that at your fantasy football draft, they could be ripe for the taking in later rounds, while your buddies are busy finding third-string kickers.

Here are five Seahawks who could give your team a big boost at little cost.

Robert Turbin


One player you won't find on this list is Marshawn Lynch, that Skittle-guzzling son-of-a-gun who's expected to enter beast-mode early and often this season. I'm not saying you shouldn't draft him; I'm just saying he's about as undervalued as a Rolls-Royce. But along with his less-than-restful off-season (read DUI), there are reasons to be wary of Lynch, not least of which is the back that kept him sidelined in last Friday's game against Kansas City.

Enter Robert Turbin, ostensibly the Seahawk's no. 2 half-back who went ape against the hapless Chiefs and will be Pete Carroll's go-to man the second Lynch appears hobbled, drunk or ineffective. And even if you are bullish on Lynch, Turbin is a good hedge. If Lynch does sit out a game, expect Turbin to get lots of touches.

Matt Flynn


So Russell Wilson gets the start, huh? I'm predicting Matt Flynn taking snaps by the second half. Granted, we here at the Seattle Weekly have an editorial bias for Flynn - we named him the Best Seahawk while he was still reeking of Green Bay cheddar - but seriously, it's hard to fathom that a QB who was the heir apparent in the Packers dynasty sit behind a rookie for long. And need we remind you that in Flynn's one NFL start, he racked up 480 yards and SIX touchdowns? Be like Carroll and put Flynn on your bench, then send him in on week 2.

Sidney Rice


Every year is going to be Rice's year. Every year it's not. There's a good chance this season will go down like all the rest, but there's also a chance that Rice could go bonkers on account of three things:

1. Matt Hasselbeck is not his quarterback.

2. Charlie Whitehurst is not his quarterback.

3. Tavaris Jackson is not his quarterback.

As mentioned before, who WILL be his quarterback is up for some debate, but all options are looking better than what came before. If Rice can stay healthy, he could be a nice receiver to have when the match-ups are right.

Seattle Seahawks Defense


Not only will picking the Seahawks' D put the loudest stadium in the league on your side, but by virtue of the NFC West, it will give you two match-ups each against Sam "Ain't in Oklahoma Anymore" Bradford of the Rams, Alex "A Good Defense is the Best Offense" Smith of the 49ers, and God-knows-who of the Cardinals. In other words, there's serious potential for rotten offensive performances on the part of the Seahawks' opponents, and to help their lot, the Hawks drafted five new players for their front seven, what ESPN calls a league-high.

Braylon Edwards


Yeah, so he's a diva. And so he's had brushes with the law (need with discuss Lynch again?). If the quarterback situation goes as well as we deluded Seattleites think it will, some wide receiver is going to have to be a favorite, and it could be Edwards. He's got size that Rice doesn't offer, plus speed. If Rice gets injured, as he often does, Edwards becomes even more attractive.

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