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Keshia Shaw
In news that broke yesterday afternoon, a teacher in Tacoma, accused of having multiple sexual encounters with an underage student, was officially charged


Tacoma Teacher Keshia Shaw Charged with Five Counts of Second-Degree Child Rape

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Keshia Shaw
In news that broke yesterday afternoon, a teacher in Tacoma, accused of having multiple sexual encounters with an underage student, was officially charged with five counts of second-degree child rape on June 26 in Pierce County Court.

Prosecutors say Keshia T. Shaw raped a former student five times between April 8, 2007 and Dec. 31, 2008. Now 17, at the time the victim was 12-years-old, and a student in Shaw's sixth-grade class at Gray Middle School in Tacoma. Shaw was the student's science and math teacher, according to charging documents.

Authorities say a friend of the victim's family contacted Child Protective Services on May 7, 2012 after the boy confided in them that Shaw had sex with him when she was his teacher. Police subsequently contacted the boy's mother, who verified that the boy had recently made similar statements to her after attending a church service. Charging documents say the boy told his mother that Shaw had performed oral sex on him and had sexual intercourse with him "three to four times when he was in sixth grade."

On May 9 police interviewed the victim who added details to the allegations. The now 17-year-old told investigators that at the conclusion of his sixth grade year he retook an exam in Shaw's classroom. During the exam, the victim told authorities that Shaw sat directly in front of him, and that he noticed she wasn't wearing underwear under her dress. Charging documents state, "the defendant caught him looking at her and asked if he was turned on."

From there, charging documents contend Shaw took the victim to a room between her classroom and the classroom next door, where she performed oral sex on the victim. After the oral sex, according to charging documents, Shaw and the victim had vaginal intercourse. Prosecutors say after the sex Shaw told the boy not to tell anyone.

According to the victim, about week later he again stayed after school and Shaw allegedly raped him for the second time. This time, according to charging documents, they engaged in oral, vaginal and anal sex, in the same room that the previous rape had occurred.

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Tacoma School District
Gray Middle School
Charging documents contend that in July of the same year Shaw gave the victim a ride home from summer school. When they arrived at the boy's house Shaw allegedly had sex with him in his bedroom while his mother was away at work.

The following year the victim went to another school for seventh grade, but that didn't stop the inappropriate relationship from continuing, according to police. Charging documents say that the boy ran away from home at one point that fall, and ended up at Gray Middle School to visit friends. There, he ran into Shaw, and prosecutors contend the two had sex yet again in a "private area of her classroom." After this encounter authorities say Shaw drove the boy to a bank, withdrew $80 and gave it to him. Shaw then drove to a parking lot where she allegedly performed oral sex on the boy - which marked the last time the two saw each other.

Charging documents say the victim decided to come forward with his story after attending a church sermon in which molestation was discussed. Authorities say the victim told two friends what had happened to him prior to telling his mother, both of whom backed up his story when contacted by police.

Charging documents say police attempted to contact Shaw on May 10, but were unsuccessful because she had already been placed on administrative leave. Tacoma School District spokesperson Dan Voelpel tells The News Tribune in Tacoma that the district learned of the allegations against Shaw on May 7 and immediately placed the teacher on paid administrative leave. Once charges were formally brought against Shaw on June 26 her leave became unpaid. According to portions of the charging documents cited above, May 7 was the day CPS first learned of the allegations against Shaw.

The News Tribune also reports that Shaw filed for divorce from her husband earlier this year and the couple have two children, ages 6 and 8. Voelpel tells The Trib Shaw began working as a substitute teacher in Tacoma in 2002 and was hired full-time at Gray in 2005.

July 6 Update: Keshia Shaw pleaded not guilty to the five charges of second-degree child rape against her in Pierce County court today. Shaw's bail was set at $75,000. Prosecutors says she's considered a flight risk due to the fact she faces the possibility of life behind bars should she be convicted of all charges.

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