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Oliver Stone
Shocking development: Director Oliver Stone, the man behind the new weed-based action flick Savages , says legalizing marijuana in this country could be


Oliver Stone Says Legalizing Weed Could Be Beneficial: The Case for No More News Stories like This

Oliver Stone Mug.jpg
Oliver Stone
Shocking development: Director Oliver Stone, the man behind the new weed-based action flick Savages, says legalizing marijuana in this country could be a boon. Stone says legalizing pot could be safer, could raise a ton of tax money, and could help keep kids out of jail.

No shit.

Stone's not-so-original proclamation comes as the hook (kind of) of a recent Associated Press piece pimping his latest film.

From the AP story:

Oliver Stone has smoked great marijuana all over the world, from Vietnam and Thailand to Jamaica and South Sudan. But the filmmaker says the best weed is made in the USA and that pot could be a huge growth industry for taxpayers if it were legalized.

Stone, whose drug-war thriller "Savages" opens Friday, has been a regular toker since his days as an infantryman in Vietnam in the late 1960s and knows a good herb when he inhales one. He insisted in a recent interview that no one is producing better stuff now than U.S. growers.

While it seems safe to assume the AP writer behind this piece was excited to get to pen the line, "knows a good herb when he inhales one," and that the pageviews likely to be tallied by a story centered around Stone's longtime weed smoking was probably also an inspiration for the effort (headline: 'Savages' boss Oliver Stone knows good weed, says made-in-USA pot is world's best), I think it's time to admit that, these days, when a celebrity comes out in favor of marijuana legalization, citing the potential tax revenue and safety benefit, it no longer constitutes news.

I mean, I support the legalization of marijuana like any good Evergreen grad, but enough is enough. It's reached a point of silliness.

More from the AP:

"There's good weed everywhere in the world, but my God, these Americans are brilliant," said Stone, 65, who sees only benefits from legalizing marijuana. "It can be done. It can be done legally, safely, healthy, and it can be taxed and the government can pay for education and stuff like that. Also, you can save a fortune by not putting kids in jail."

Again, no shit. And this isn't meant to fault Stone; I'm sure he just answered the questions thrown at him. It isn't really even meant to fault the AP or the writer behind the story. It's simply meant to acknowledge that, at this point in the weed-legalization conversation, when some Hollywood type comes out in favor of legal pot, it doesn't warrant a headline anymore, and it likely doesn't even warrant a story. Hell, it probably doesn't warrant a middle-school research paper - lord knows that's been done, too.

So, editors and headline-writers of America, please save us from a future filled with AP breaks like:

That One Kid from the Bad News Bears Says Marijuana Should Be Legal

Former Punky Brewster Extra Sees Benefits in Legalized Pot

Fred Savage's Brother Supports Marijuana Legalization, Says Tax Benefits Could be Huge

Crazy Director of JFK Smokes a Ton of Weed, Thinks it Should Be Legal

... Technically, I suppose, that last one's already been done.

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