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With the help of an informant, the DEA infiltrated a group that allegedly peddled meth, heroin and ecstasy, and also sold enough illegal guns to


Drugs and Stolen Guns: DEA Busts Alleged Everett Meth/Heroin/Arms Dealer Juan Velasco San Juan

ar 15 accessories (13).jpeg
With the help of an informant, the DEA infiltrated a group that allegedly peddled meth, heroin and ecstasy, and also sold enough illegal guns to supply a small guerrilla army.

Charges filed last week in Western Washington federal court detail a month-long investigation by the DEA, ICE, and local law enforcement. The feds were tipped off in early June by an informant who'd been busted for selling oxycodone. The anonymous source offered to wear a wire in exchange for leniency in his case, court document say.

The source offered up a heroin dealer, later identified as Juan Velasco San Juan, 35, and his girlfriend Doris Zenteno. The trio met for the first time in Everett on June 20, and the informant walked away with $2,300 worth of heroin, and plans to meet again to buy meth and shotguns the next day. The second deal went off without a hitch, and the source acquired 52 grams of meth and five shotguns, including one with the barrel and stock sawed-off, and a 12-gauge that had previously been reported stolen.

On July 3, the DEA gave their informant $3,000 with instructions to buy heroin, prescription pills, and an AR-15 assault rifle from San Juan and Zenteno at their home in the Eagles Landing apartments in North Everett. On this visit, the source was introduced to the couple's 430-pound "security" man Ken Colwell. The 31-year-old Colwell, the source was told, according to court documents, would eventually takeover San Juan's business.

The dealers reportedly referred to the assault rifle as "the toy," but it was very real. It had been reported stolen to the Brier Police Department*, a suburb just east of Mountlake Terrace, and it is described as a CMMG .223 semi-automatic with a light mount system and an optic scope.

On July 10, the source met with one of San Juan's subordinates, identified in court documents as Gumerico Guzman-Torres, aka Chino. They rendezvoused in a hotel room at the Days Inn near the Everett Mall that the gang was using as their "stash apartment."

Chino was offering up a black semi-auto pistol, and the informant reportedly used $200 of his (or perhaps her) own money to put a deposit on the gun, supposedly so that Chino wouldn't sell it to somebody on the street. Chino also offered up a .357 Magnum. The informant returned to the hotel room the next day, and bought a .380 pistol, some ammo, three grams of "night" (slang for heroin), and four grams of "white" (slang for meth).

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In subsequent deals, the source used DEA buy money to acquire the .357 Magnum, an AR-15, and other various pistols, shotguns, and rifles. Somehow, San Juan and Co. never questioned why the informant was gradually stockpiling such an arsenal. The feds also gradually upped the ante on the drug deals so that the source was buy up to 28 ounces of heroin at a time. Colwell, the hefty security man, also offered to sell 1,000 ecstasy pills for about $5 per pill.

The DEA started making arrests on July 19, and San Juan was reportedly caught inside a "mini-barn" at a Lynnwood trailer park with 261 grams of meth weighed out into separate baggies. He and four co-defendants now face a variety of federal drug and weapons charges. Five others will be charged in state court.

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*An earlier version of this post mistakenly stated, based on phrasing in the charging documents, that the assault rifle was stolen from the Brier Police Department. The rifle was actually stolen from a civilian, who then reported the theft to the Brier police. Post updated Friday at 1:30 p.m.

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